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Knight`s skills

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  • Knight`s skills

    Well i`m wondering wich path should i choose - defensive or offensive one - i used google but he did not help me much ;/
    the thing that bothers me is that on the few info pages that i found they said - knights scale well early game but kinda suck late game - dunno what levels represent early/late game but i`m wondering.
    Should i take just the bottom 2 rows for defense skils - no dmg on world bosses then, pvp and normal campaigns

    Slasher -> Ultimate slasher - i`m taking these anw but then what ?
    go for passives - for def(divine blessing, enchanced block, reverse damage + row 3 - agoran shield, shadow trasher, tenacity =>> apollo shield) - this will be the def route
    the offense route
    -> delphic destroyer, whirlwind + heart of rage, combat master, intercept =>> enhanced deplhic destroyer - offense route

    if i go for atk and not def - i`ll do dmg but won`t be tanky and probably won`t go to parties and etc cuz - yeah I mean when ppl take a tank they`ll expect a tank not a DD wannabe + i never really got far into crystal saga so i have no idea if it`s similar or w/e and that`s why i`m asking - if you can help me and list the skills or post a screen - it`ll be great - that`s mainly for the players from the old server cuz they had the chance to get to a higher lvl and test things out

    I`m asking cuz i`m almost 25 and i just want to be safe

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    Well, do you want to be a Tank or a DPS?

    Tanks get to use Angels later, who heal a ton and do massive magic damage, but they have to be behind the player.

    If you go for DPS, you end up like a slightly different Ranger. Sit behind Knights and do big physical damage.


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      well that`s what i`m wondering - ofc i`d love to play as a dps but choosing knight i was thinking that i`ll be a tank later on - anw any idea if a tank is needed at higher levels or you can manage with both ? if it`s not too much trouble i`d like info for both Tank and DPS - another thing i read about angels but that`ll probably mean that i`ll need troop m atk from the academy - troop skils and hero skills were my 2nd concern
      Tnx for your answer


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        you know what? why dont u go hybrid... that solve ur problem... and every build has a weakness...
        so follow ur heart... stop thinking and play and enjoy....


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          Ok what are your toughts about astrals then , i accidently passed lvl 25 yesterday (by gathering xp crops from a friends farm ;/ )
          M def and P def , or HP instead of one of the 2 - and another thing i can have only 2 astrals right ? No more slots are unlocked trough quests or at higher lvls ? I`m asking for more astrals because i saw dodge and block astrals so i was wondering if i might need something else
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            I planned to go for a tank too, but I dont really see its value right now. in PVP at the 3 vs 3 you get slaughtered by hunters with almost same defence as you but way more attack^^. my block is at 569 but bearly does anthing.

            can somebody explain me where tanks are needed, I took knight because of this but it should make sense at the end or I will go for dps too.