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WE NEED MORE Server Merges

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    S119 Dead too


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      Everyone asks for merges, will one every happen? no, not a chance in hell. they do not want big server merges, only small ones, but personally I would love all the servers with under 50 merged together to make it a larger player base.


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        Mergers kill off players as well.
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          yea but in retrospect to the few players it might kill in a merge it would also save many many times the number who would quit because of that.

          I have work, school and real life. so by the time i get on everyone has done tok, spire and mpds. so its just begging people to help. or doing things with friends or their alt characters.

          PLEASE If a moderator reads these posts help my server out and many others. I know you are looking to make money off of the new servers, but for the people who have dedicated months can u please find a way to help us out. Maybe give us an option to transfer our character to an older server. that wouldn't cause any conflicts except for names. and then we could all enjoy the game more.