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  • New way to get Sylph

    collecting 60 essens is a pain in the ***. And having to fight for it 90% of the times is even worst...

    Here is my sugestion:

    you need to collect 60 essens to exchange for a sylph, but:

    - you would only have to fight in 20% of the cases.
    - Collect with no fight = 1 essens.
    - collect for a fight = 2 - 5 essens.
    - once in a while (0.5 - 1%) u get to fight a powerfull version of the sylph (no so op, maybe a copy of your stats, or 80% of them), if you win u get a Sylph Seal (can get a green or blue sylph).
    - 5% chance of getting a Sylph Seal instead of an essens.
    - you can use afk mode (plz).
    - you can harvest at most 600 essens a day. (also u can exchange and/or sacrifice only 10 sylph a day).

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    collect for fight should be 1 ~ 3 essence, (2~5 is too easy)

    Boss Sylph sounds interesting, kinda like a summoner run, LOL (have the drop chance like 70 % white, 25% green, 5% blue)

    AFK mode FTW

    Not sure about the essence cap tho... since I farm like 600~800 essence a day.
    No point in capping exchange and sacrifice too... I got over 150 white iris/pan sitting there ready to be turn into enchant stones.