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TANK TRIALL its ?????? By Idiots!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    yeah hate this quiters that being popular, make it work like bg
    -West Coast S115


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      Yeah, i got quitter again today. But i'm not complaining because my team still got the boxes.
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      Why this only happen to my server, but not to other server? not that i complained, but this would be unfair to the other guys.
      Originally posted by Wraithraiser
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        happen to me also even then it say Victor chest i stile get diamond rune pck to.


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          Originally posted by Al3xtim View Post
          Dear R2game fix tank trials. Some noobs start tank alone and after quit and all other team lose get just viktory chest and the moran go and start again and winn.
          If u can Fix This!! To Start Tank trial Just whit Full Team Like Arena. Ty I hope u fix it realy fast.
          Dear R2game fix tank trials.- are you referring to the server host?
          Nice, tank trials.
          Five Sylphs for the Heros in wartune,
          Two for the Whales in their deep blue ocean,
          Three for Mortal Men doomed to die,
          One for the Big Whales on their dark throne
          In the Land of Wartune where the heroes lie.
          One sylph to crush them all, One sylph to kill mobs,
          One sylph to bring them all and in the darkness bind them
          In the Land of Wartune where the Moby duck lie."


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            sounds like something that happened with me...


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              90% of the times, only 1 person out of the 4 people on the Tank Team that got a Default Win because the other side all left the Battle will have a "Gold Chest" (or one of the random chest)

              Not everyone will get the Chest 100% of the time, which is why people rage about it.

              If everyone have gotten the chest... than there would be no raging would there?

              Than there won't have these types of Treads constantly poping up...

              In Fact, I was the first one that started this topic 2 day after Tank Trial was released... but no one cared about it...