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T4L0NZ, Father of Balenor, Thoughts.. Petition of male on male Rose exchange.

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    i send roses to the males i run with just to get to level 9 friendship which gives nice boosts. we do have fun when a guy sends a guy roses but hey we like to stir them up a little.

    as for calling yourself "father of balenor" well nice ego you got there
    Server: R2Games S230 Cross Chasm (Oceanic)
    Guild: Sicario


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      Originally posted by T4L-0NZ View Post
      Hello all I'm not familiar with.. I'm T4, I'm sort of an infamous household name in s339-s348, I have the highest Social BR server-wide. Since we're experiencing the maintenance I thought I might bring this up. Wartune mainly caters to the male persuasion.. Example.. Racy photos of half-naked women claiming your friends and girlfriend won't be seeing much of you *MALES ONLY* Kinda reminds me of sign just before entering a strip club, however these claims do not hold water as you enter the game as we all well know. That being said! This creates a male majority and it might just be me, but I am not particularly fond of sending another male roses or receiving an inordinate amount from another male. So please in your infinite wisdom Wartune. Change it up a bit.. For those of us not in favor of sending roses to other men..

      -T4 out
      sorry i never heard of you but most of us have heard of Azmodeus from s127


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        T4L0NZ - How are you enjoying your membership in the Westboro Baptist Church these days?