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Make it possible to TURN OFF FIREWORKS! (HUGE lag because of it)

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  • Make it possible to TURN OFF FIREWORKS! (HUGE lag because of it)

    Hi there
    Fireworks are demanding way to much from mine and many other computers. It pretty much freezes picture sometimes and it's very annoying. Flash crashed twice so far.
    Make the effect visual for SELF only, not ALL.
    People have just started to gather the fireworks and there are already huge problems/difficulties playing. Don't wanna know how it is later tonight.

    (No, it ain't possible to turn it off through Environmental Effect, at least it do not work.)

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    Learn to just deal like the roses. It won't go away at least a month or less. At least a month cuz of the new year events. I do agree though that they should make a way to turn off those effects or something. Just bc it does create lag but i doubt it be fixed. So might as well learn to deal. Won't be for that long. A month tops.
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