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BG and Farm Suggestion !

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  • DarthVille
    started a topic BG and Farm Suggestion !

    BG and Farm Suggestion !

    BG system already told it's a big fail, since every skills point make's a difference in BG will be gr8 to have +1 or -1 levels party's !

    Farm, after reaching lvl 45 or 50 farm it's getting boring no point in leveling farm up, bag ideea to have all L3 seeds only for balens, will be nice to have a Farm Top10, with Title's like "Hillbilly" or something like that , epical, maybe unlocking next 3 farm space's and upgrading farm shop with some options for free2play players will be nice or a guild farm where Leader and Officers put seeds and farm for guild wealth

  • Poryg1
    well, they could make the last 3 spaces of farm for kyanite only since later levels complain about insufficent kyanite and kyanite growup ratio of 1 crop per farm But why making these lv 3 crops for gold if you can get them in guild blessing? I like them for balens, at least I know I spared lots of balens ^^ kidding, I don't give a damn to it and I disagree with the title, titles are nothing which could honor you, there are soo many titles (probably too many) for stupid things and if they create this farm title, why they wouldn't create something like Master casher title? (I aim to this thing: It's pointless to create such a stupid title since levelling up farm is no big deal) And I am afraid it would increase that too HUGE number of lags.

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