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  • No Seriously, a Mobile App

    Wartune Mobile app is something that would be excellent. I have not heard anything about one however I have a few versions for it.

    The one I like the most is a watered down version of the browser game for the mobile phones and the full game on tablets and iPads. This would share a link to our existing accounts based on where we play. The mobile app would include all of the single player features including a catacombs, main city, farming, campaign, and all of the mini-games. Astrals and guild interface should also be there along with the rest of the tool bar.

    This could be for us on the go to keep playing while we are away.

    Another option would be opening new servers for the mobile app and allowing people to play there entirely. I would like to know if anyone agrees.

    NOTE: this is not about making you play somewhere else. This is allowing you to play the same game just while you are away from a computer. Using your same account and info. Allowing you access to your character at any given moment like while you are at that boring play that you lost interest in half way through or in that meeting that is dragging on at work. Or between classes when you have nothing else to do but eat.

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    starting Blitz on mobile app would be nice, could save some time, so yes pls.
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      This is a flash game.
      I think your mobile phone needs a super processor within it, and also 128GB memory.

      But that aside, I say +1 to this idea.
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        actually, i heard some reports that android phones with 2GB ram and 1.4GHz can play this game.
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          The feature is limited like the op said so we won't need super processor. But there might be a prob in inventory and multi accounts that may not recognize by some mobiles. But it'll be comfortable to players and another way for them to earn cash if they pull this off. Overall +1 to this.
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