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Minigames Gone Mobile/ Wartuner App

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  • Minigames Gone Mobile/ Wartuner App

    I have been thinking and I want to ask if the team has ever considered making the mini games mobile as well? Example: Farming, Jewel Hunt, Fishing, Blessing Wheel, VIP Wheel, I think it would help out a lot. I, just as I am sure others are busy throughout the day and don't get time to finish everything. This obviously still excludes, Amethyst Mines, Cultivating, Plundering, due to the fact you have to use your character to perform these actions. This is the highest level I have ever been so I do not know what else could be used but please and I hope I can get some support from my fellow Wartuners that would be

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    An App just for wartune mini games specifically? I think that would be very cool
    Would help for some people who currently can't access their computer or any other ones at the moment.

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