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EAGLES ( Guild in server 6 )

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  • EAGLES ( Guild in server 6 )

    EAGLES - server 6

    We are a growing guild . Well, the evidence is that we are found ( I made it on 08/09/12 ), now we just reached lvl 3 ( just today) with lvl 2 for altar and shop, we also have level 1 skill tower ( I have learned all the available skills ).

    Requirements :
    1. Level 18 + player
    2. Always active ( please do send me message for the reason of your inactivity even for 1 day )
    3. Do contribution ( If u have contribute more, u are safer and can get more allowable inactivity " less than 3 days " ). ) contribution + Offline = straight remove
    4. Know English / Bahasa Indonesia ( Warning : we sometimes talk in Indonesia, and please no other language other than this to be written in guild as so I could control if something goes wrong " I know just these 2 language "
    5. Lastly is to help each other

    Motto :
    1. To always growing ( lols )

    P.S. I am an inexperience player, but I will try my hardest to help all of my members. Please apply in game