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Missing friendly and casual gameplay and decent pricing

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  • Missing friendly and casual gameplay and decent pricing

    I played this game quite a lot up until now. I have come to observe that if you want to be in the top you have to do like 4+ events per day and be online a lot throughout the entire day. You also need to do solo things requiring crazy planning and calculating in the end, taking up quite some time of your day. I think it is in no way playing a game. I think it is an addiction farm. Next to that, I paid VIP, 5 euro's for a month, which in my opinion is definitely enough. Mmorpg's such as WoW and lotro require about 10-13 a month and are 3d etc and way more advanced, so in my opinion paying anything more than 5 is ridiculous. But even with that I find myself struggling to finish things. When I check the store I see prizes that make me pretty angry. Lots of players pay a lot for such a simple game, it really is a ripoff.

    Also the game isn't friendly. The top guilds have trouble staying friendly and helpful. I was in a rank 1 guild because I got along in the game okay, and I got almost 0 help to get my game going. This was because players join a new server from other servers and simply want a guild where everybody knows everything so they can go to top 1 fast. I don't think that's playing a game, I think it is abnormal and very rude and a MASSIVE cheat.

    I don't think I will be playing your game anymore becuase in fact, I don't think you can deal with my suggestions to make it decent and payable.

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    True story.
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      bye bye your time is up i guess enjoy