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    Originally posted by Wraithraiser View Post
    Only thing archers on my server know is how to balen boost, they're so ****** without it it's amazing. DPS class my ***, buncha Cute Little Bunnies more like. With or without freeze always third rate.
    You can migrate to my server then. Our archers are more intelligent. With or without df, they make up the majority of the top 10. Occasionally you get the noob mage who never makes top 10 using balen buff + revive just to get top spot. Makes me laugh when I happen to be free to do wb and I see him desperately trying to stay ahead of me with balen buff + revive and all I did was use lv 5 pots and a good archer rotation. If I use a few revive I pull ahead of him easily =P Personally I can think of better ways to use the balens more efficiently than wasting almost 1k on 1 wb...
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    IGN: Athena
    Guild: Warriors
    Server: S5 - Roaring Wetlands
    Class: Archer
    Difficulty Level: Noob
    BR: 176k / 180k (with block and hp astral instead of illusion and deflect =P)