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[Announcement] Wartune Server Merges for 9/12 @ 3:00 AM EDT

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    453? missed out totally wonder why that is? want me to say? come on guys that is abuse of privelage


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      S519 Needs a Merge really bad it's soo hard to farm kyanite. so please Merge S519 with S522 or something.
      Server 55
      Level 70
      BR 1.27M (VIP 5)
      Server 58
      IGN: You
      Level 75
      BR 2.32M (VIP 8)


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        more server please

        thx for not can play wartune for 2 days now add more server please


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          480 need megre alot of dead ppl


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            In fact, if you wanna have a decent number of players playing on a server you have to merge all the servers in only one. Right now wartune (or TheSimstune, Lagtune or whatever you wanna call it) have about 50-100 active players media per server.
            When they say that "Somethingtune" have x thousands of players is just a lie. If we compare this game with some other browser games (thousands of them) the actual number of real active players here is just a joke.
            So what´s the problem and why they don´t do anything about it? Simple... jerks like me (well, not me anymore...) keep buying tons of ballens. So people, stop wasting your money here and you´ll see those Chinese devs starting to hear your complains and fixing the bugs and glitches. And stop trying to make this game a Manga/hentay **** (virtual marriages and all that virtual **** those no-life like)
            Meanwhile, keep asking for merges.
            But since this thread is about merges, here´s the list of servers that need a merge: S1, S2, S3, S4, S5, S6, S7, S8, S9, S10, etc., etc., etc..........
            Good luck all.