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[Announcement] 10/11/2012 Wartune Server Maintenance @ 3:00 AM EDT

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  • [Announcement] 10/11/2012 Wartune Server Maintenance @ 3:00 AM EDT

    Wartune's weekly Maintenance will be occurring on Thursday, October 11th @ 3:00 AM Eastern, 12 Midnight for Pacific, and 7:00 AM for GMT. Maintenance is expected to take 2-3 hours. Please keep an eye on this thread for any changes or status updates concerning the Maintenance.

    UPDATE: This week’s Wartune server maintenance will include the following updates and activity:
    • Fixed a lot of language problems.
    • Reduced HP of the monsters in the first dungeon: Worg Lair.
    • Items in the Mystery Shop will have better prices (reduced costs).

    [Activity] Forget Me Not

    Duration: From 10/11 to 23:59 PM (Server Time) 10/17
    Description: Can't get enough of the Forgotten Catacombs? For the following week, all players will receive two additional attempts to challenge the Forgotten Catacombs each day. One additional attempt can be done for free while the second additional attempt will require a crypt key.

    UPDATE 2: Daily quests are unable to be completed at this time for East Coast and GMT Servers. However, testing on the issue has show that once daily quests reset on the server (at 5:00 AM Server Time), the issue corrects itself and Daily Quests are once again able to be completed. At this time West Coast Servers are operating normally. East Coast and GMT Servers should have the issue resolve at 5:00 AM on 10/12.

    UPDATE 3: We've learned that the problem is daily quests are re-appearing on the Quest panel before the reset time. As such you can do the quest and complete it, but because the quests haven't actually reset, you can't collect the rewards until after the server reset time. We currently suspect that time the Daily Quests reappear on your Quest Panel was flipped from 5:00 AM to 5:00 PM server time, creating a 12 hour window where you can complete quests you collected during the last 12 hours, but won't be able to collect again for another 12.
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    thanks for info :P
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      any new events?.., i looveee new events ), looking forward for it..
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        I hope the gems-thing is going to be added o3o
        Ive been waiting for way to long (derp xD)
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          Is the gem stuff being added in this maintenance ? And give the level 55 set already :P

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            we want some event like killin monster etc. like the last balenor medalion event.
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              i'm looking forward for the gem stuff...


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                I wonder if we getting the gem convert and troop spec this week or maybe its for next week since they did say mid october


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                  I'm up for more Events. Since after the first month, everything seems to have quieten down. Make some events like, once a month. Maybe the Warrior World Boss (0.3% gets 20000 gold, 0.5% get 30000 gold, 0.8% gets 50000 gold), etc. None too fancy nor unbalance.

                  And are the Gem Converting and Troop specialties only thing added (if ever) after the maintenance? Will there be some minor things we didnt know? And work something on the spelling mistakes already known. Please, save our SOLES!!
                  Eg: Last maintenance I noticed how you can harvest minerals and wood with a once-click auto-harvest. Thumbs UP. These are minor things that we DID notice.


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                    Touche' storm... touche'.
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                      We need crypt key bonus reward so we can still do forgotten catatombs for exp!

                      Good job for the new event reward doing bosses! Keep up the good work GM's.

                      Hopefully all players could participate with LAG free.


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                        gem convert plz o.o


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                          thank you for the info


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                            oh yeahhh..maintenance is coming
                            time to walk around )
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                              more event please.. not more server.. numbers in each SERVERS are DECREASING

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