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[Event] Wheel of Prosperity

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    I used all 25 attempts I didn't get anything important the highest reward I got was Legendary Chest are the mounts impossible to get?


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      useless, spined 4 times and 4 times got exp pack, what a load of ****


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        Originally posted by EdGrr View Post
        let me know if anyone got any of the mount?
        S100 has one got Wildfire, and Wild Alpaca

        Noting else.
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          15 Sepulcrum.... 20 Mahras.... ? REALY? Even if 100 Mahras or Sepul.... I prefer MOUNT! ** it.... I stop cash on this ****....
          Kabam S 59


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            to everyone saying this is ''free'', it is not

            just look at everyone telling you about their experience with it and you will soon figure out they actually spent money on stuff they would most likely wouldnt have (or they wouldve probably spent less) to gain some ''free'' attempts.

            so more money in wartunes pockets, less in yours & less bonus for you


            Also, as its been mentionned multiple times, these rewards are not nearly as good as the recharge or spend events we usually get... not sure why people still believe in wartune ''luck'' with wheels and chests... its RIGGED !!!

            Again, avoid this thing, and if you can, just refrain from buying anything while its up even if you planned to beforehand. They might remove it for good and avoid us the pain of being scammed again...

            Cause IT IS a scam !


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              it's a scam because the developer gives the impression you have an equal chance to get each items. 16 different items is 6.25% chance for each 1 to drop. When actually you get the same 4 drops 99% of the time. It's the dirtiest casino in the world and should be illegal. At least post the chances you have to get the item and people cant complain. Don't make us think we have an equal chance when we don't.


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                it's about the same percentage just like the VIP wheels.
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                  another rip off event ... so sad !!


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                    We all know this is a rip-off event. I really hope they have not replaced the big spender with this ****, because everyone I know will stop cashing. Even in big spender they are trying to screw you over now. Notice now, when the big spender is on, there is NOTHING worth buying....The day the big spender ends, the good stuff appears in the shops... they really think we are all stupid....

                    But I guess R2 really don't care about our money....from what I hear they turn over millions of dollars a month, so our little contributions they can afford to lose, cause all the other idiots out there who don't complain, and just spend spend spend...regardless of how bad of a deal they are getting....

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                      All r2 events like this are a rip off. even the big spender rewards are pathetic now. on my server the 'lucky spin' list in the prosperity wheel tab is totally empty and we have plenty of cash players. the drop rates for anything worth mentioning are a joke. i dont mind [aying for good items but id feel really stupid if i spent $10 on 20 mahra.


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                        After 12 spins and getting the same 3 items 4 times I can tell you this event is rigged! Seriously for the price of 12 spins I would much rather they just sell the mounts for a ridiculous price. What a bunch of garbage!


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                          I think this wheel is a joke too. But the problem is not the company for coming out with this event. It is us players, every time something new comes out, we have to spend on it no matter how bad or rigged we think it will be. And as long as we players keep doing that, the company will keep coming out with stuff like this. I am sure there are many people that have spun the wheel 25 times a day and probably got nothing and will complain about it, yet if and when this wheel comes out again in the future, them same people will do it all over again. I personally do not spend much on this game. I did spend 1000 balens to be able to spin the wheel once and only got 20 mahra. I will not do it again.

                          Just pay attention every time something new comes out and see how many people participate the first day.