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[Announcement] Wartune Time Change Maintenance on October. 26th @ 15:00 PM GMT+8

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    i see all server is green but when i log in is only black screen it almost 3 hrs i guest i wait another 1 hour to log in


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      hey change clock time
      all event 1 hour before


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        Originally posted by R26910819 View Post
        did any one notice drope rate changed crypt key is very rare now from campaign necropolis lvl 4 gem is very rare transporter higher then lvl 9 you can forget about it why is like that can i get answer??????????????????? and btw i am doing necropolis about 3 months every day now so what is going on with drop? did you change drop rate?
        Yes I notice as well, the nerfed the Drop rate not only in Necro massive but all over where you get something free , and you complain Transpose higher then lvl 9 ? by doing Tormented to lvl 18 for a few months every 2 day i have so far not even seen a lvl 9 .
        I got more then enough lvl 8 (56 lvl 8 without the ones on items) gems to equip 2 complett sets of Items with lvl 9 but with 1195balen for 1 transpser i would take me 2 1/2 months to save enough BB.on top now this greedy pile of Lovely People from r² bring latly nothing but casher updates so its time to quit i think.
        I will personal stop playing on the 31.10.2014.
        And Since until Today i still got no Answer to my last 2 Tickets i most likely to it with a Bang by posting my Acc Data here to assure a Permanent Ban and never get tempted to come ever back
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          Originally posted by ArnaudBo View Post
          nice bug (for us), the atoll sylph boss respawned 3 hours after the previous one
          nice for you, for me though I logged on expecting to have plenty of time to do things before boss to find out it was less than a minute from dying and it was too late to get in a group

          As for the actual maintenance to change the time *boggle*... and the time is the same (which is good since daylight savings time does not end for another week). So seriously need to shut all the servers down today seemingly spur of the moment to change the time next week? Something seems more than a bit off about this.


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            SO where is this called server going to winter time?
            its still the same - please take tablets against delusion sickness because - for sever 1 time is still the same


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              Originally posted by QueenAmadala View Post
              SO where is this called server going to winter time?
              its still the same - please take tablets against delusion sickness because - for sever 1 time is still the same
              Europpen server changed thier time. NA server will change their time next weekend
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                server time

                Will this resolve the issue, wherein, in Lair of somgs, the server time difference between me and my friends is an hour.