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[Announcement] 10/18/2012 Wartune Server Maintenance @ 3:00 AM EDT

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  • [Announcement] 10/18/2012 Wartune Server Maintenance @ 3:00 AM EDT

    Wartune's weekly Maintenance will be occurring on Thursday, October 18th @ 3:00 AM for US East Servers, 12 Midnight for US West Servers, 7:00 AM for Europe Servers, and 3:00 PM for Australian Servers. Maintenance is expected to take 2-3 hours. Please keep an eye on this thread for any changes or status updates concerning the Maintenance.

    UPDATE: At this time Wartune servers are back up. Patch notes can be found in this thread.
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    pls fix the skill points bugs.


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      jangan lama-lama donk...kan jdi gak bsa main nich....'


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        Is there new events after the maintenance?


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          Please can you put in a ability that priests can heal pets as well it would be really super awesome if you can do that thanks!!!
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            we have not have any fantastic balen recharge rewards for the last 2 weeks, can you please take this into consideration as well?


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              would you help me.. why i can log in on server [S22] Desert of Despair ?


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                Gem Conversion Or I Quit~ -.-
                'Cuz I'ma CandyMan~


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                  put the gem conversion. its been on "Coming Soon" for 2weeks already.. -_-

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                    Originally posted by Senjuu View Post
                    put the gem conversion. its been on "Coming Soon" for 2weeks already.. -_-
                    Agreed. I'm an archer and have too many Magic Attack gems wasting space. Can't stand seeing gem conversion "coming soon". Would like o finally put those gems to use. Thanks.
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                      hohoho ^^ gem gem..^^


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                        please fix skill shield knight..sometimes skill alive when knight dead n attack player...ty


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                          fix the arena group... gem conversion . let have a guild war


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                            any new event this week? ty in advance

                            btw last week event was great good job


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                              if you guys can't read maintenance will include : gem conversion, daru kiln, and opening of the necropolis in catacombs, these were the only three thing mentioned in the 'coming soon' section of threads so therefore these will be the only things that are added plus perhaps the fixing of some bugs at least I hope, and yes maybe just maybe a new event
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