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[Event] Hall of Fame III

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  • Not even on the damn list yet I have been over the minimum Br for months!


    • Originally posted by ladybug1234 View Post
      i like this game
      wait until you start disconnect in DI, lose reward, daily MPD, have to reload all time, deal with lag, wilds bugs, ToK lag, fight ghost image 1/2 time in arena, have non stop load issues, browser crash at important time.

      only thing that rival lag in game is R2 greed and laziness to fix bugs.

      Originally posted by ~Tristan~ View Post
      maybe it can be made to be seen by all of kinda becoming irritating
      lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol and lol'er.

      you said "maybe it can be made to be seen by all of us"

      lol lol lol lol lol lol lol lol and lol'er.

      they hate player money...bu hate player.
      I think they just want player to spend and spend more then quit after through spending.

      Originally posted by StevenDeschain View Post
      You are right, they were getting ready to quit anyway. This is commonly known as the "straw that breaks the camel's back." R2 loves to drop more and more straws on the players backs to see how much they will put up with.

      The hall of fame, was the Hall of Shame, now its the Hall of Secrecy. I mean seriously? Can r2 do ANYTHING right? They have yet to implement a bug free patch, or even for that matter a bug free event.

      Events are geared only for the whales at this point. I mean what the heck, they release new servers 3-5 times a week, yet the players on all these new servers will never be eligible for the new events, unless they drop an ever increasing amount of cash to compete.
      you nailed it and well done
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      • lol i didnt get any reward from hof yet and i have a br on 277k


        • If you haven't received your rewards, and you did get the compensation after HoF ended, then it's time to file a ticket.
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          • hey EsmeWeatherwax i have been sending em a ticket but thy didnt replay to my ticket yet and it is about 2 or 3 hrs ago and now i dont know what to do im still waitting on there replaying maybe u can puck to them for an answaring