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[Coming Soon] Improved Gem Conversion

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  • [Coming Soon] Improved Gem Conversion

    Before we talked about the VIP Wheel, and we wanted to get that out first, in case our players would want to hold onto their VIP tokens for when a better wheel once the update goes live. Likewise, this next teaser is next on the list so players can know now to hang on to those gems they aren't using, because with the 1.45 Patch update, the current gem conversion will get a major improvement.

    Click image for larger version

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    A player simply puts the gem or stack of gems in the top slot, then select which gem type they'd like to get in return. With this improved system, a player can convert a gem of any type into any other type. Charisma into Physical Attack? Done. Physical Attack into Magic Defense? Done. Bonus to Critical into Fluffy Cats? That we can't do, cats aren't a gem type. But you could change those Critical gems into Block gems. Click convert, and be charged a modest fee in gold depending on the level of the gems, and the amount being converted.

    With the improved gem conversion, this will allow players to have an easier time customizing their gear with the gems they actually use for their play style.
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    oh cool XD..


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      I love you.


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        This Is Awesome Suppah Awesome


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          nice!! all gems will be considered useful then..


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            bravo... was thinking of cutting back on this game given the lack of interesting development at higher level but you guys seem to be coming out with something that can hold me back to this game. keep the good news flowing, music to my ears now


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              this is what we've been waiting for GMs.. nice work Storm!

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                brb , jellying all over the floor

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                  What of those who had purchased the lvl5-8 MAtk-PAtk (and vice versa) Transposer from the Shop?


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                    Were having a gem of a time.

                    OH I LOVE THIS running cata and not getting what I want . Well no more I can make any gem i want. Great job guys!!
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                        Unbalance ............


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                          this really good...
                          we love to get all gems..
                          nice job GM's
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                            So is there a max level for conversion?
                            The Last Remnant OSTs Go!!!



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                              can we convert lvl 5 gems and above?