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    There is my brief Breakdown of Experience gaining opportunities and how to maximize your exp gain and therefore maximizing your leveling speed by going through and doing each of them.
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          i cant receive my daily check-in rewards. help.


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            1. Complete all your daily quests (plundering other cities - WILDS, guild blessing, harvesting)
            2. Complete some,if not all, of your main quests.
            3. Complete your 20 bounty quests.As much as possible, only accept purple/orange-colored quests because they'll provide you higher exp.
            4. Plant leveler's seeds in your farm and harvest them on time. Also, harvest your friend's matured crops.
            5. Complete your 20 arena battle attempts.
            6. Complete multi-player dungeon quests. Invite your friends and use EXP SCROLLS.
            7. Complete event quests and campaigns.
            8. Use EXP books.
            9. Enter the Forgotten Catacombs. You can acquire useful items here to aid you during battles.
            10. Become a VIP. There are so many benefits of becoming one.


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              How to keep up with cashers.

              1, start your day by blitzing through 5 campaign dungeons, the highest level you can blitz, the higher, the better the exp you get.
              2, move onto the catacombes, blitz halfway through only, we'll do the other half later.
              3, look at your friends list, and get 3 friends with the highest heart number. Move into the MP dungeons, and run through 3, take your time to get used to the layout on the 1st round, and use your 100% or 50% scroll before the last boss, then run the other 2 quickly.
              4, go back to the catacombes, and blitz the other half while ever your scroll is active. The second it runs out, stop and move on to the next part. If your blitz ends first, run through manually.
              5, regain some stamina, and take this chance to compete in the events, which you should have just landed at. Between these events, keep going back and regaining your stamina. If you stamina is full, use this time to go farm in the wilds, for treasure, daru, mines, and looting other players. While looting, remember gold is not the focus, kyanite is.
              6, before battlegrounds begins, synthesize, enchant and upgrade you equipment, guild skills, tech and troops. Make sure your as good as you can possibly be, because the honor is so important.
              7, after battlegrounds, and the world boss. Take a moment to double check your as good as your gonna be, then start your bounty quests.
              8, now would be a good time to activate a 50% scroll, or a 100% if you have more than 20. selecting orange quests, and completing them while the scroll is active, does not increase the yield of the quest item, but it does increase the yield from the monsters you'll need to defeat in between, and sometimes during. The crypts are a good place to do this, as you should now be at a level where the exp is huge, and increasing it pays off massively.
              9, by the time you've done the crypt, and your scroll has gone, you should have 10 bounty quests done. Normally I've racked up about 4,000,000 exp at this point. Now finish of your bounty quests, do all 20 duels, as fast as you can after midnight (this prevents people pushing you back and keeping you stationary in the rankings).
              10, after your quests are done, the crypt is done, your stamina is gone, and the duels are complete, there is no other way to gain exp without paying. so either go farm in the wilds for daru and treasure, or take some rest.

              With this method, I've kept up with full time VIP's into the 40's. All you have to remember, is to stay on the ball. Too much time can be wasted sitting in the guild chamber, or sitting on your farm. This is why people struggle to level. Get the exp sorted first, then afterwards you can sit around doing nothing. As long as you keep side duties, such as farming to a minimum, while still maximizing your profits, you will be able to do the same, and like me, you'll even get to have a day or 2 out of the grind!

              Some points on this method,
              1-36, is stupidly quick, we're talking with a matter of days. Do not waste leveling tools in this time, anything like bounty scrolls, vip tokens, and exp books, should all be saved until you hit 37. Then, go crazy on everything you can do burst through to 40. You'll come out in the top 20, top 10 if you didn't take a day off. and all without paying.
              This will hurt your tech, buildings and probably most of your gear. since you'll go through 1-36 so fast that you'll be gimped on levels, and stuck for good items. However, if you focus on gaining everything for a 40+ character, it's not so bad.
              Even though it does feel difficult to compete below 40, just remember, it's only 3 weeks from day 1 to level 40, possibly less.
              Cashers will make you rage. Even though you have more exp, and better troops, and higher level armor, people with 12 socketed gems and 5 levels below you will still beat you, for now. Later, different story.
              Final point, this is not fo rthe feint hearted. It takes hours and hours each day, and if you don't have time, or the aptitude, your probably better off paying.

              Alexander, S53, Forest Swamp. Knight level 41 (at the time of writing...)


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                sounds great..
                i'm a new commer at least 1 month played..

                nice to meet y'all

                exotiC from S32 *Chaos Field


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                  How to level up fast guide.

                  1) Farm

                  - Plant leveler seed to all slot (preferably leave 1 slot for kyanite, you need kyanite to upgrade your academy)
                  - The higher the seed level, the more exp you will received.
                  - Upgrade your farm - use balens or vouchers (will increase your plant harvest. That means you will receive more exp if you plant a leveler seed. e.g. leveler seeds lv 1 gives you 4200exp. If you upgrade your farm up to lv 5, you will received 4704exp, extra 12%)
                  - Add friends for farm - You can harvest your friends' plant when it is matured including the leveler seeds plant.
                  - Always energize your friends' tree to increase your friend level. (This is for multiplayer dungeon).

                  2. Bounty Quest

                  - Always finished your bounty quest before the server reset. All bounty will gives you exp and gold.
                  - Do bounty quest based on color. Orange -> Purple -> Blue -> Green -> White. Orange will gives you the most amount of exp and gold and white the least.

                  3. Dungeon (solo)

                  - Always finished your dungeon (solo) raid. The more stamina you have, the more dungeon runs you can do. You can replenish your stamina by visiting altar of ennoblement (2 hours for 60 stamina) or using stamina pot. You will receive 100 stamina for every server reset. max stamina is 200. Equip any +exp buff (scroll) for extra exp.

                  4. Dungeon (Multiplayer)

                  - Also, finished this too. You will receive huge amount of exp after completing each dungeon. Do not forget to equip +exp buff (scroll).
                  - Invite friends will high friend level (farm). You will get extra exp and increase friend level after each dungeon runs you completed.

                  5. Catacomb

                  - Do catacomb everyday. Good exp and drop especially gems.

                  6. Cash Players

                  - VIP all the way
                  - Good exp
                  - Buy 2x exp scroll

                  Thats all. Hope this will help.

                  Server : [S3] Worg Lair
                  IGN: Sukahatiakula


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                    my opinion here ...



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                      EndOfEnds' Guide to Quick Leveling!

                      EndOfEnds' Guide to Quick Leveling

                      Thread Link:

                      Make sure to do as many of these steps as your time allows you during the day to maximize your experience gain. I will begin by stating the most important steps, those of which will generate the most experience for your hero.

                      Step 1: Preparations

                      First of all, make sure to complete enough daily tasks to give your hero a devotion of 40. This will enable you to receive a level 1 exp scroll, offering a 50% exp bonus for 1 hour. This is important to obtain, as it will make the "quick" in "quick leveling"!

                      NOTE: Keep in mind that players of VIP status will automatically receive a bonus to their experience, so if you would like to maximize your experience gain, you may want to think about purchasing this. For information on VIP status, search this guide.

                      Step 2: Multiplayer Dungeons

                      This will be your main source of experience once you reach level 20, regardless of quests you have available. You are allowed three attempts at multiplayer dungeons, and these are key to your leveling up quickly. Make sure to use your level 1 exp scroll (Or higher, if you have one) before entering these dungeons.

                      Once your three attempts are up, we must move on to other sources of experience.

                      NOTE: Keep in mind that if you are partied with people on your friends list and/or in your guild, you will receive slight exp bonuses. If you would like to maximize your experience gain, party up with people you know!

                      Step 3: Bounty Quests

                      You may attempt 20 of these per day, except for when events allow you to do an extra 10. These quests may ask you to do anything, ranging from capturing an astral, to energizing your friend's tree of ancients!

                      Quests difficulty range from white (Being the easiest and least rewarding), to orange (Being the hardest and most rewarding). Considering that you are limited to only 20 of these, in most cases, you should attempt to only complete the higher-difficulty quest, to maximize your experience gain.

                      Once you complete these, or are unable to do any more at the current moment, you must move on to the Forgotten Catacombs.

                      NOTE: Bounty quests will reset every 30 minutes (You must check the current quests for the timer to begin). Each player is given two free instant-resets of these quests. However, at the cost of 10 balens, you may instantly reset it an unlimited amount of times.

                      Step 3: The Forgotten Catacombs

                      Not only do the catacombs offer players the chance of acquiring great pieces of equipment, but they also give a hefty sum of experience too! The further you venture in to the catacombs, the more experience you will receive. Make sure to use a Crypt Key before you begin your adventure, as this will double not only your experience gain, but all of your dropped loot too!

                      Players may only attempt the Forgotten Catacombs once, unless there are certain events occurring. In these cases, you may attempt the Forgotten Catacombs a total of three times per day. For more information on the Forgotten Catacombs, see this link. (Somehwat out-dated, as crypt keys no longer offer a second attempt)

                      Step 4: Campaign Missions

                      In the early game, you may wish to focus on completing as many of these as your stamina allows you. While the campaign maps themselves offer relatively low amounts of experience, you will have quests asking you do complete them, and it is these quests that will provide you a great source of experience.

                      Each attempt at a campaign dungeon will deduct 20 stamina from your hero. Heroes have a maximum of 200 stamina, and may acquire stamina in the following ways:

                      1. Every day at 5:00AM server time, you will gain 100 stamina.
                      2. You may cultivate a total of 60 stamina from the Altar of Ennoblement, which will take 2 minutes per 1 stamina.
                      3. Across your adventures, you may come across stamina potions, which can be used to give your hero stamina.

                      Step 5: Other Sources of Experience

                      In this step, I will outline unreliable or time-consuming sources of experience. If you'd like to maximize your exp gain, then by all means complete this step. However, do note that if you are time-constrained, you would be better off completing the above steps.

                      1. The Duel Arena. You may compete against other players 20 times in the solo arena. Each time you win, you will receive a small amount of experience, dependent of your hero level. Note that even if you lose, you will receive a moderate amount of experience (Around 2/3 of the experience you would receive if you had won)

                      2. Farming. There are seeds called "Leveler seeds". These will offer your hero a fair amount of experience. However, it is time consuming in that you either need to maintain the plants yourself, or have friends to do so, as well as harvest them before anybody is able to "Steal" a portion of the production. If you plan to be on for a prolonged period of time, it is recommended that you do this as a side-source of experience.

                      3. Experience Tomes. Honestly, these offer such little experience that I had to think twice about even mentioning it here. You may receive these from the guild blessing, and they offer the hero small amounts of experience based on their quality. (Usually 500 or 1000)

                      If you are able to complete these steps every day, you will be able to level quickly in no time! If you are time-constrained, then consider simply completing the first few steps. Hope this helped!


                      Server 66 (Perlington Keep)
                      In-game Name: EndOfEnds
                      Hero: Mage
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                        Leveling Guide
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