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We are still working on the known issue that CRS2 currently encountering please be patient.
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Wartune Server Merges for 4/2 @ 3:30 AM EDT

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    no it would not


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      thank u very much for this merge R2, S 348 really needed it. yeah..server living up again..
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        Merge what for? R2games keep not cleaning very Long time players most of them more then 180 days offline or quit the game! Now i know why!!! Because they have players in my server there is a guild in my server have more then 4 pages with very long time offline in Maintenance they said they going to clean but once again they didnt see nothing and done nothing i send lots of tickets because of this problem and nothing!!! Click image for larger version

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          S2 left out of a merge again


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            No merged servers
            time zone 0 (european time)
            The reason for merge is very simple .....Alot of people quit game actualy can chek that..The server does not have so much activity anymore and slowly you will
            lose the ones are still on the would be in your interest to arange some merge for the server S-26 to maintain the cashiers on server , and not to leave game as it happened already...if u want at request i will give you at least 50 players good ones with nice battlerank that left game couse of lack of people or not having teams .
            Please be more carefull when people ask merges becouse game survives on our back , the active ones .
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