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[Activity] Rewards for Guides V: The Quest for More Gold

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      GM its must be nicer when croSS "GUILD BATTLE" or a (tournament)
      thats was amazing and if that happen i spend more time and balens for that .. thank you

      thats my suugestion ..


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        Earning Gold

        There are several ways to earn gold in Wartune, with some being more effective than others, some relying on your character's strenghts and others on how much time you can spend playing the game. With this said, here's how t make gold:

        1) Natural production - you get a certain amount of gold every hour (added to your total in around 30 second increments or so) this amount depends on the level of your Town Hall, Gold Refinery, Gold Production skills from academy, gold boost skill from Guild skills and the Gold Mines you have claimed. Boost this amount by keeping town hall and gold refinery at max level, get academy gold production skill to mid 20'ish level (the more the better, but it gets expensive fast and 80gold/hour isn't that much) max the gold boost guild skill and claim the highest gold mines possible in the wilds.

        2) Levy - 5 times a day (1hour cool down) you can use Levy to gain gold. The amount depends on level of Town Hall, Gold Refinery, Academy's gold production skill and gold boost skill from Guild Skills (basicaly the "City Production" number when you mouse over your "gold" amount in top left) To get the most out of this skill keep your Town Hall and Gold Refinery at max level, max out gold boost guild skill and get your academy's gold production skill as high as possible.

        3) Plunder - 5 times a day you can plunder other player's towns. This can be a major source of gold provided you can find a juicy target (you can plunder them every 2 hours, I believe) Inactive players make for good targets since they don't spend gold, you should also try to plunder in off hours (like morning) when your target has a chance to accumulate gold. Do keep in mind you can only plunder towns no more than 10 levels lower than you.

        4) Solo campaigns and multi-player dungeons - you can also make some decent gold from doing this, gold via chests etc as well as selling items you get.

        5) Farming - you can plant gold seeds and collect gold from your farm, as well as from other player's farms. Of course you have to choose between planting gold or exp seeds. However this can be a pretty good source of gold.

        6) World boss - this is the major way players get gold. Available 3 times a day you can get gold in the following ways: Do damage - the more damage you do to WB the more gold 9and daru) you get. Do 1% damage of WB's hp - you get 50k gold/daru bonus. Finish in the top 3 damage dealers - top 3 get 100k, 150k and 200k gold/daru bonus. Get the last hit - the last hit gives a huge gold bonus (which either increases with stronger WB or varies between WBs, but it's huge, like 1mil gold huge)

        7) Arena - every 3 days you get gold/daru depending on your rank, #1 gets 800k, #2 gets 600k etc. Try to get as high rank as possible. Althoguh keep in mind that computer is stupid, meaning a lot of weaker players that you'd beat easily can kill your computer controlled char in arena. Same goes for you - you can defeat stronger players because computer is stupid. This reward is given at the point of server reset - 5:00 am server time. If you can try to log in about 30 min earlier and do a few duels to boost your rank (save duel attempts) This works very well for VIP players since they can reset duel timer for free. Doing this allows you to take advantage of the fact you are fighting against computer controlled opponents (making all kinds of wrong moves on skills)

        8) Hunting in the wilds - this can actually give you unlimited amount of gold (and daru) since you can kill as many mobs in the wilds as you want. There are two types here: Chests - click on a chest, fight 4 mobs and get an item as a reward (usually white-green equipment or a rune) which you can sell for gold. Random Mobs - attack mobs in the wilds to get daru pearls which can be sold at 1k each (or used for 1k daru each) This method is time consuming and you have to account for toop and hp loses which take gold. Generally not a useful method unless you have lots of time and it's early in the game (even then it's more useful for daru hunting than gold)

        9) For VIP players - you can save up 36 vip tokens and then speen the wheel - make sure 500k gold is present as one of the rewards. You will always get it as a 6th-8th reward, along with some other decent stuff.

        You also get gold for quests, but that's kind of a given, I mean you were doing quests anyway, right? Plus the amount isn't that much. You also get gold for selling items, but that's been covered.
        The main ways to make gold though is WB, Arena, Levy, Plunder (if you can find a good target) and Natural gold production.
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          simple quote..does it applicable or usable to all beginners??? can have farm and gold mines atleast lvl 20+..especially how about those players who are not VIP's or that cannot afford to donate???...hmmmm..???..any other guide???..


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            Alchemy = Alchemy can provide a huge amount of gold in a short time. The level of your town hall and refinery influences
            alchemy production.
            World Boss = The More You Damage The World Boss The More Gold And Daru You'll Get.
            Farm = You Can Plant Huge Amount Of Gold Just Try Planting Hi Level Superior Gold Seed.
            Plundering = Go To Wilds So You Can Plunder Any Players (It's Depends When The Player Your Attacking Is More Gold In He/Her Account)
            Plunder Quarries = Means Capture 2 Gold mine the higher the level of it the more gold production you'll have.

            I think that's Enough!!! Happy Playing Everybody ^_^


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              Are there winners yet?
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                goodluck guys !
                permanent ban those hackers!
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                  nc rewards ^^