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  • Originally posted by Splinterz View Post
    i still think the publishers have a case for a class action suit against the developers. Because the developers damaged the publishers property, (our accounts).
    I'm not entirely sure it works that way, even so good luck convincing Armorgames, Aria, Miniclip, Kong and Kabam to take on that fight.


    • well with r2 giving all the stuff back to ppl that didnt cheat fair play

      but i still condone r2 giving items back to ppl that cheated r2 ave no morals in their own rules and t.o.s


      • One can try all the legal things they like, may win, may lose. The lawyers will be the only winners!

        Consumers have rights, strength and power but not as individuals.

        Consumer protection in many countries formed because the consumers choose not to take it from merchants, took action in numbers and got results. The continual buildup of consumer efforts slowly gained more protections over time.

        As a consumer, you have 2 choices!
        1 - Hold your ankles, watch everyone around you over and over again have to take it for ever and ever and ever.
        2 - Group up, talk to the merchant in numbers and have something done about it.

        What events in history ever caused anything to change? One person screaming? One hundred people? One thousand people? I would venture to say that anytime even 1000 individuals never affected change but a group 1000 strong always did.

        Consumers also believe that "it won't happen to me", well until it does happen to them. Each event adds another 10% of the consumers to the "it did happen to them". Of that a large portion leaves and very few stay. Thus creating no momentum for change. The scary part is that it has a 95% chance of happening to them if not today it will be tomorrow! So it will happen to them! Its a game of roulette!

        Remember! Merchants need consumers and in these cases the merchant assumes the consumers are a bazillion ants all doing individual things and getting nowhere! That is a complete waisted effort. They know that so nothing ever changes. The only time it can change is when consumers group up.

        Your choice folks! *****, moan, quit, stop spending... all have no affect other than to upset yourselves. Three days later, a week, a month, a year the next batch gets it! Watch or do something, your choice.

        So for all the folks screaming the TOS is their ultimate power, impenetrable wall is absolutely wrong! Consumers have the strength in numbers to affect change no matter what the TOS says but ONLY in that way.

        i.e. If their TOS is the cause of them not making any money I bet it gets changed fast! No lawyer, no class action suit, no cost just consumers saying we are not going to take it.


        • Did kell got her/his toon back?


          • Originally posted by G.Gile View Post
            Did kell got her/his toon back?
            Yes, he got it back same day.


            • i have sent several tickets all i get is hallow promises that there working on it it has been almost 2 months and still no gems returned here is what is missing
              my toon name is Hawk01 and i'm on sever 52 us west
              this is what was taken out of my gear.
              8 patk lvl 11 gems
              8 pdef lvl 11 gems
              8 mdef lvl 11 gems
              1 crit lvl 11 gems
              7 HP/Block lvl 11 gems
              1 patk lvl 9 gem
              1 patk lvl 8 gem
              2 pdef lvl 7 gems
              2 mdef lvl 7 gems
              2 HP lvl 7 gems
              this what was taken from my inventory.
              51 pdef lvl 5 gems
              13 pdef lvl 4 gems
              11 pdef lvl 3 gems
              12 pdef lvl 2 gems
              21 pdef lvl 1 gems

              US 52 west kabam


              • Originally posted by slawson2300 View Post
                i have sent several tickets all i get is hallow promises that there working on it it has been almost 2 months and still no gems returned here is what is missing
                We will request an update on your ticket after the holiday. If you don't hear from a mod via forum pm or here at the start of next week, please do send one of us a reminder.
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