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    Originally posted by Xharry005x View Post
    yeah u got more chance meeting the pope of rome before winning any mounts in wartune from event boxes
    This is how I feel about it:

    Click image for larger version

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    Quote 1 : If the enemy crouches down on last bit of health, then aim your arrow at the butt. Plortch!!! ;)
    Quote 2 : Over the years Wartune did get better: Wartune>Lagtune>Bugtune>Nerftune>Stresstune>Hatetune>??? :confused:


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      Originally posted by Fortran21 View Post

      Don't provoke him Tulips!
      Here’s a post from me. The post I’m referring to has been redacted, mostly removed. The user account is not tulips. My account is Fortran21. I changed the name and don’t use the account anymore. I wonder is acid jack is playing still.

      Tolapumj was obviously using the forum posts to get some anger out of the system. It’s a waste of time people. Trust me about that. Go ahead and post things here but don’t expect the r2games responders to tell you what you want to hear. u just leave yourself wide open to get ridiculed by other gamers reading the forum posts and using this forum.