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The 8th Chaos War Arrives!

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  • The 8th Chaos War Arrives!

    The 8th cross-server Chaos War is coming soon!

    Preliminaries: 3/22 19:55 - 21:00
    Finals: 3/24 19:55 - 21:00

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    You mean Lag Wars? Pfft! Go in. Freeze. DC. Refresh. Rinse and repeat.

    Useless, trash R2 servers.


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      they should refresh rewards now and then to add more variety to choose from


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        Or the only 40 can get in on a merged server denying x-number of servers times the 40-would-be players in each. So, if there was a merge with 2 servers it would mean 40 people would be out of a CSCW. If there was a merge with 16 servers, then 600 players would be out of a CSCW as well. Then of course it's relying on those who are representing a cluster and hoping to get more than 10k so you can exchange for a mount at the very least, or settle for the junk it has.
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