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[Guide] Wartune Patch 5.7 & 5.8

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  • [Guide] Wartune Patch 5.7 & 5.8

    R2Games Presents the Wartune 5.7 & 5.8 Patch Update: Voyage, Outland Contest, Kitten Club, Blood Inferno, New Eudaemon, Smelt Equipment, Group Purchase System!

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    Pick a day, schedule a trip with your friends, and set sail.

    Gameplay Info
    Your Soul Engraving, Fate Guardian and Dragon Soul level have been maxed. Plus your Inventory and Warehouse are full, so what do you do with the superfluous materials? Now, you can never have too many materials because a new feature, Voyage, has become available! Read on to know more about Voyage.

    I. Entry
    Players can access Voyage by clicking the Dock icon (Image 1) in the Homestead screen. (Image 2)

    Image 1
    Image 2

    Dock Info
    â‘* Dock: Here players can upgrade their ships (max level: 9) and increase ship quantity (up to 5 ships).
    â‘¡ Voyage Shop: Exchange Nautical Coins for items here. Nautical Coins can be obtained by completing a voyage.
    â‘¢ Energy: You will get 100 free Energy every day. Energy resets daily at 00:00. Each voyage will consume 20 Energy.
    â‘£ Energy Purchase: You can use Balens or Bound Balens to purchase Energy. You can buy 100 Energy twice a day. Energy can be accumulated up to 300.
    ⑤ Blue Haven, Dawn Haven, Sky Haven: Different Havens have different requirements for voyages. You should select the proper Haven to set sail.

    II. Voyage Info
    1. Dock

    • Every player will get a ship at the beginning. They will then need Balens or Bound Balens to unlock the other 4 ships. You can obtain up to 5 ships.
    • Select a ship that hasn't set sail and click [Upgrade] to upgrade it. Upgrading ships consumes a certain amount of Nautical Coins. Upgrading a ship can reduce the amount of time a voyage takes. Every ship can be upgraded up to level 9.

    Note: Click [Level Preview] to check how much time ships of different levels will take to complete a voyage. See image below:


    2. Voyage Shop


    You can use Nautical Coins to buy items in the Voyage Shop, 3 times a day. You can also refresh Voyage Shop items for free. After each free refresh, you will have to wait 4 hours until you can refresh again or you can spend a few Balens or Bound Balens to instantly refresh all items.

    3. Blue Haven, Dawn Haven, Sky Haven

    • Click a Haven to see the corresponding voyage requirements. See image below:

    • Click [Accept] to open the [Send a Ship] panel. (See image below) Select a ship you want to send and click [Confirm], the required materials will be deducted. If you have more than one ship, you can send up to 3 of them on a voyage at one time. Each Haven only allows one ship to set sail for it.

    Note: After completing a voyage, a ship will have to rest for 10 minutes before you can use the ship again.

    • If you're not satisfied with current quest type, you may reject the deal. However, if you reject the deal, you must wait 20 minutes before the system randomly refreshes the quests.

    Note: After rejecting a deal, you will not be able to use the refresh button to refresh the current quest. See image below:

    • You must to spend a few Balens or Bound Balens to refresh a voyage quest. There are five types of quest qualities: white, green, blue, purple and orange (from low to high). Quests of better quality require more resources and offer more Nautical Coins after completion of the voyage. Refreshing quest qualities won't change the required resource type.


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      Outland Contest

      Put your Guild's power on display and reap the rewards!

      A cross-server event for guilds to put their prowess on display and earn resources.

      Event Info

      1. Unlock Event:
      After joining a guild and when the event is available, players will see the event icon appear at the top of the screen.


      2. Sign Up
      Guild Masters can spend 500,000 Guild Wealth to enroll their guild for the event by clicking the sign-up button in the event panel. A guild can participate in the event the following day after signing up. The event lasts for one month.

      3. Matching Rules:
      1. All guilds on all servers will be matched for the first time based on Guild Battle Rating Rankings. Guilds with the closest Guild Battle Ratings will be matched first.
      2. There will be 4 event rounds every day. (The number of event rounds may be adjusted officially.) Guilds will earn points at the end of a battle. Each day following the first matching, the system will match guilds with the closest Guild Battle Ratings. After a month, the system will use the first matching rules to match again.
      3. There may be an occasion in which a Guild has no enemy. If so, no enemy guild can be seen and there will be no response when clicking the guild spot.

      4. Initial Panel:

      1. There are 4 spots on the event panel, a spot for each guild. Each guild can attack the other 3 guilds.
      2. Each guild member launches attacks on their own. Each attack consumes a certain amount of Energy.
      3. Players will see a [Bless] icon on their guild's info panel and an [Attack] icon on other enemy guilds. Players can click the [Bless] icon to open the blessing panel.
      4. The number of remaining defenders, Guild Points, and Guild Point Rankings will be displayed on the guild info panel.

      5. Bless Panel

      1. During the event, guilds may obtain bonuses from Attack and Defense Blessings.
      2. Improving Attack and Defense Blessings consumes Energy.
      3. Use Attack Blessing once to increase ATK and HP for own guild's attackers by 1%. Use Defense Blessing once to increase ATK and HP for own guild's defenders by 1%.
      4. Blessings have a limit of 500%. When the limit is hit, players can no longer bless.

      6. Leader Notice:


      The Guild Master or Asst. Guild Master can input a notice to other guild members on the board. Other guild members will be able to see the notice.

      7. Defending Team:
      Defending forces can be divided into Defending Teams and Four Generals.
      • Defending Team


      The Defending Team consists of guild members. When a player's status shows “Defending,” it means that the guild member has yet to attack or be defeated. When it shows "Defeated," the guild member has been defeated and cannot attack anymore. The status will be reset following each battle round.
      • Four Generals


      The Guild Master or Asst. Guild Master can appoint 4 guild members to be the Four Generals. When the Four Generals are in a defensive state, they will be granted extra attribute bonuses (the bonuses will expire when they launch an attack). Other guild members can see the Four Generals but cannot change them.

      8. Defending Rules:

      1. At the top right of the event screen, the Four Generals situation and number of remaining defenders will be displayed. The Four Generals will appear one by one when there is 75%, 50%, 25% or only 1 defender left. Other guild members are arranged randomly.
      2. When Guild A attacks Guild B, B's defending team members will strike back according to the sequence arranged. When a defending team successfully strikes back, its members' individual attributes (Blessing Attributes + Four Generals Attributes) will be reduced. The reduced percentage will be shown below the Four Generals' icons.
      3. When the defending guild's defenders are defeated, a Defending NPC will show up and stay until the battle round ends.

      9. Energy:
      1. The Energy limit relates to character level. Lvl. 80 and below players can have up to 100 Energy, Lvl. 80+ players can have up to 300, and players who have finished class advancement up to 600.
      2. Energy will recover at various intervals. Lvl. 80 and below players recover 20 Energy every hour, Lvl. 80+ players 50, and players who have finished class advancement 100. Energy will not increase any more when limit is reached. Players can hover their mouse over Energy to view more details.
      3. Players can also use Balens to recover Energy. But they cannot recover Energy when their Energy limit has been reached.
      4. Attacking other guilds and blessing will consume a certain amount of Energy.

      10. Point:
      1. Use Attack and Defense Blessings to obtain corresponding amounts of points.
      2. Successfully defeat another guild to get 2% of that Guild's Points. Defeat the enemy guild's Four Generals to obtain extra points. When 2% of the defeated guild is defeated by less than 200 points, the successful guild will only get 200 points.
      3. Guilds will be ranked in real time based on Guild Points. Players can check the rankings on the event panel. At the end of each round, rewards will be issued based on Guild Points. Settlement rewards for the day will be issued after the final round that day ends.

      Event Reward

      1.Outland Shop:


      Players can use Outland Crystals to exchange for items in the Outland Shop which can be found in the Outland Contest panel.

      2. Outland Crystal:
      1. Defeat other Guilds to earn Guild Points and Outland Crystals.
      2. After a battle ends, guilds will be ranked based on Guild Points and Outland Crystals will be issued as rewards via mail.
      3. Every day when the event finishes, the day's ranking rewards will be issued.


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        Kitten Club Introduction

        More Gold, more fun!

        The amount of gear is increasing as the world of Balenor develops. More Gold is needed to enchant and holy forge the new gear. Thus, Kitten Club is built to replace Alchemy. Players can earn tons of Gold with only a little time and effort.
        Read on to learn more about Kitten Club.

        After the Farm unlocks at Lvl. 12, players can find the Kitten Club in the Homestead in the Cloud City.


        Upon entering the Kitten Club, players will see 5 spots to place decor. There are 5 different kinds of decor: Furniture, Cushion, Cat Teaser, Ball and Box. Each spot can accomodate one kind of decor.

        Every decor has 5 quality types: Humble, Common, Nice, Fair and Luxury. Humble decor can be bought with Gold. Players may exchange required items for decor of various qualities. When players don't have enough required items, they may spend a few Balens to offset the insufficiency.

        As the following image shows, higher quality decor requires more time to produce Gold and will have a better yield. Decor may attract kittens to play on it, which will result in bonus income. Bonus income includes Hemp Rope, Plank, Flannel, Newspaper, Cotton, and Catnip, which can be used to exchange for better decor.



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          Bloody Inferno

          Smash eggs and test your luck!

          All event dungeons have been changed to weekly dungeons and the drops have been changed to 7x the original drop. Blood Inferno has been adjusted in terms of settings, battle rules and rewards.

          Unlock Requirement
          • Required Level: Lvl. 50 - 80
          • Reward Attempts: One reward attempt each week. Attempt resets at 5:00 every Monday morning.
          • Dungeon Drop: Inferno Shards, Constraint Chest Shards, and Gold


          Gameplay Info
          1. The dungeon is divided into 4 areas. Upon entering the dungeon, players will be randomly sent to one of the 4 areas. If the number of player is less than 4, then one or more areas will remain vacant. If other players join later, they will be sent to the vacant areas.
          2. Players can only proceed within their area. Players will fight minions when they appear on the map.
          3. Players will have to battle against a wave of minions and a BOSS during each round. When a player is defeated by the minions, they will be sent back to the initial position and will have to fight the minions again. The first player to defeat the minions will enter the battle with the BOSS. Other players will come to this player's assistance as soon as they've defeated their enemies. During the BOSS fight, any player who is defeated will have to re-enter battle with the minions before they fight the BOSS again. Even if someone is still in battle with minions, once the BOSS is defeated the minions will be eliminated instantly.

          4. A mini-game will follow the end of each round. Players can smash eggs for reward bonuses. Reward bonuses will be given to every party member based on the best prize found by the party. If 4 party members get the same prize, an extra bonus will be given.

            Corresponding Reward Bonus:
            1. Gold Egg: 4x reward
            2. Silver Egg: 3x reward
            3. Bronze Egg: 2x reward
            4. Chick: 1x reward
          5. After the mini-game, rewards will appear on the map in a chest-like form. Players can pick up the chests to obtain them.
          6. 30 seconds later, the map will be refreshed and a new wave of monsters will appear. There are total of 18 monster waves.


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            New Eudaemon: Blood Demon

            I will always choose you, I become a Eudaemon to stay with you...

            Wartune Patch 5.7 has been released with the debut of a new Eudaemon: Blood Demon. Blood Demon is a magical Eudaemon with who isn't afraid to attract and charm... and kill. She has high MATK but low PDEF & MDEF. One of her skills can leech according to a certain percentage.



            Obtaining Requirement
            Use a Blood Demon Card to obtain Blood Demon

            Skill Info
            Passive Skill
            • Bloodthirsty Nature: Chance to recover HP based on a certain percent of damage when launching a normal attack.
            • Bloody Tenacity: Boosts damage by a certain percent.

            Active Skill
            • Bloody Claw: Attacks a random enemy.
            • Splintering: Attacks an enemy in the back row.
            • Revenge: Attacks two random enemies.
            • Terracide: Attacks all enemies in the back row.
            • Blood Sacrifice: Increases own party's attack by a certain percent for specific number of turns.
            • Captive Dance: Attacks the whole enemy group and leeches according to a certain percentage.

            Delphic Skill
            • Delphic·Bloodbath: Attacks a random enemy, dealing huge damage. Meanwhile, recovers a large amount of HP.
            • Delphic·Nightmare: Attacks the whole enemy group and boosts damage targets receive by a certain percent for specific number of turns.


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              Smelt Equipment

              Power up your equipment even further!

              Warriors can never be too powerful. Therefore, here is a new way for you to further improve yourself: Equipment Smelting. Smelt your equipment to boost their extra attributes! Can't seem to beat your current enemies? Try smelting your equipment and show them who's BOSS!

              Feature Info
              • Unlock Level: Unlocks after players are knighted.
              • This feature is similar to Soul Engraving. Players can use Smelting Stones to upgrade their equipment's smelt level, increasing equipment's attribute bonuses by a certain percent. The higher the smelt level, the more attribute bonuses. (Halidom and Artifact can get a smelting bonus, but Insignia and Wedding Rings cannot.)
              • Equipment Attribute Bonus: Increases current equipment's overall extra attributes (Enchant/Holy Fore/Gem/Soul Engraving/Refining Attributes) by a certain percent.

              Players can find the [Smelt Equipment] (green gem-like icon) feature under the Fate Guardian icon.


              Main Panel
              Players will see current smelting bonuses and smelting bonuses for the next level in the main panel.


              Equipment Tips
              Players can see smelting bonuses (the number in blue) beside the Enchant, Holy Forge, Gem, Soul Engraving and Refining bonuses.


              Players can exchange Outland Crystals for Smelting Stones in the Outland Shop. Please check the Outland Shop for details.


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                New Group Purchase

                Strength lies in numbers. More buyers, greater discounts!

                Even rich warriors shouldn't waste their money. Spending wisely is for everyone and Group Purchase is just the way to do just that! This time we'll approach group purchases in a new way: the more buyers, the bigger the discount! Don't hesitate to ask your friends to join!

                Event Entry
                When Group Purchase is available, players can open the [Hot Events] panel at the top right of the screen to find the event.

                Group Purchase Info
                Group Purchase is a cross-server event, meaning players from different servers count towards the number of buyers.
                Group Purchase is divided into a subscription period and a purchase period. During the subscription period, players pay a few Balens as a subscription fee. Then, during the purchase period, players can buy an item and get a chance to draw a prize by paying the difference in Balens. If players pay a subscription fee during the subscription period but do not buy the item during the purchase period, the subscription fee will be returned to them after the event. The refund will be in Bound Balens.

                Group Purchase Info
                1. Subscription
                  The subscription period will begin once the event opens:

                  1. Players can use Balens to subscribe to an item. Players may subscribe for the same item multiple times by paying multiple subscription fees. (Purchases are limited.)
                  2. A confirmation message will pop up before players pay the subscription fee.

                  3. Players will not be able to cancel a subscription once they successfully subscribe. A few Balens will be deducted for the fee.
                  4. Group Purchase progress can be seen in the middle of the event panel. The number of subscribtion items and total Balen cost can be seen at the bottom right of the panel.
                2. Purchase
                  1. When the subscription period ends, the purchase period begins. Players will not be able to subscribe to items during the purchase period. Players who have paid a subscription fee may pay the discounted price (the price displayed on the panel) to buy an item. The Balens deducted as a subscription fee will be used first.
                  2. After a successful purchase, players can find the item they purchased in their Inventory.
                  3. After a successful purchase, players will also earn a chance to draw a prize. (Check Lucky Draw Rules below.)
                  4. If players pay a subscription fee during the subscription period but do not buy the item during the purchase period, the subscription fee will be returned to them after the event. The refund will be in Bound Balens.
                3. Lucky Draw Rules
                  1. Lucky Draw can be found at the bottom right of the Group Purchase panel


                  2. Players will earn a chance to draw a prize for successfully subscribing and purchasing an item. Multiple successful purchases will grant players multiple chances to draw a prize.
                4. Group Purchase Mail
                  At the end of the event, there are two occasions in which players will receive an in-game mail including returned Balens:
                  1. If players subscribed to an item but did not buy the item during the purchase period, the players' subscription fee will be returned to them in Bound Balens. They will receive the following in-game mail:
                    Mail Message:
                    Deliverer: System
                    Title: Group Purchase Refund
                    Description: You paid [0] Balens as a subscription fee but did not buy the item during the purchase phase. Your payment of [0] Balens has been returned to you via mail. The refunded Balens are bound. Please collect them as soon as possible.
                  2. During the purchase period, if the final price for an item is lower than the subscription fee, the extra Balens will be returned to players (in Bound Balens) via mail instantly after buying the item.
                    Mail Message:
                    Deliverer: System
                    Title: Group Purchase Refund
                    Your final payment for the item is lower than your subscription fee. The excess amount of Balens has been returned to you via mail. Please collect them as soon as possible.


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                  Auction is an event in which you have the chance to pay less for all the items you want!

                  Click the event icon on the main screen to access


                  Unlock Requirement
                  1. Lvl. 35+ players may join.
                  2. Auction will unlock occasionally. Players may check our official site and forum for detailed information.

                  Gameplay Info


                  System Auction
                  • 5 Lots will be displayed on the auction screen. Every item has a starting price and/or a buyout price.
                  • Each auction lot has a specific auction time. The time is shown in a countdown (see image above).
                  • If an auction lot has not been sold by the time the auction time has ended, the auction will fail. The system will replace the item with a new item.
                  • Balens used for Auction will not count towards VIP growth, or any other spending events.
                  1. Bid
                    1. Click the Bid button:

                    2. Input your offer. Offer cannot be lower than the starting price and you should increase your bid at a rate of 10% the current price.
                    3. After your bid, the button will change to "Already Bid" and become grey as shown in the following image:

                    4. If your offer is surpassed by another player's, the button will change to "Bid" again. Meanwhile, the Balens deducted from your account will be returned to you via in-game mail. You may continue to bid on the item. (When a bid is more than the buyout price, the item will be auctioned off for the buyout price. Even if you already bid on an item, you can still buy the item for a buyout price. After a successful buyout, the Balens deducted during the auction will be returned to you via in-game mail.)
                  2. Buyout Price
                    1. Click Buyout Price to buy an item. You will receive an in-game mail from which you can claim the item you bought.
                    2. If a player has already bid on an item and another player buys the item for the buyout price, the auction for this item will end. Any Balens deducted during the auction will be returned to the player whose bid was unsuccessful.
                  3. Treasure Preview


                    1. Items to be auctioned off will be displayed on the item column. Players can select the auction type at the top right of the panel.
                    2. Auction Items: Items that can only be purchased through bidding.
                    3. Buyout Item: Items that can be bought either by bidding or by offering a buyout price (including items that can only be bought for buyout price).
                    4. (Items) Already Bid: Items that have been bid on.
                    5. Icons: Items that have been auctioned off will have a "Sold" mark on them. Items that failed to be sold will have a "Failed Auction" mark on them.
                    6. Item Place Order: Unsold Items - Sold Items - Items Failed to be Sold.
                    7. Icons for gear unable to be worn (due to insufficient level, class restriction, etc.) will become red. See images below.

                  4. Lucky Player

                    Players who have bought items from the auction will be displayed as Lucky Players.

                  5. Today's Hot Auction


                  Players can only buy Today's Hot Auction for the buyout price.



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                    1. The default amount for the number put in the Sylph/Mount Upgrade and Sylph Enchant panel has been changed to 1.

                    2. Revamped the Farm Shop panel and adjusted the output for seeds and the Tree of Ancients.
                      Seeds and the Tree of Ancients will produce more EXP, Daru and Gold than before and, players can now earn Insignia by planting seeds.

                    3. Players can now use 1-click to put Runestones in slots when they consume Runestones to upgrade runes. Players can no longer use Balens to upgrade runes.

                    4. When the numbers during battle are 5+ digits, they will be displayed in "K" format (1K=1,000).

                    5. Increased EXP cap.
                      EXP cap has been raised from 800 million (800,000,000) to 2.4 billion (2,400,000,000).
                    6. Added more options for renewing inventory.
                      Before players could only renew their inventory for 30 days. Now they can renew their inventory for: 30 days (1 month), 90 days (3 months) or 180 days (6 months).

                    7. AFK Mode:
                      For players Lvl. 20 and below, the AFK button will be grey, there will be a message to let players know when it will be available:

                    8. Wild Plunder
                      Players can no longer increase plunder attempts in the Wilds. See picture below:

                    9. Devotion for Archaeology
                      Players can now join Archaeology 5 times to increase Devotion by 10. See image below:

                    10. Solo Dungeon:
                      Removed the limitation (limited attempts) for joining solo dungeons.
                    11. Astral Slot Simplification
                      Astral attributes will be greatly improved after refining. Added a "One-click Refine" feature for players to refine Astral 10 times with a single click.

                    12. Added Special Mounts: Players can stand when riding them.
                    13. Added The Spire (Nightmare).
                      Nightmare mode for The Spire has been added.
                    14. Now holy forging a piece of equipment is no longer subject to its enchantment level, and advancing Lvl. 80 legendary equipment to mythic is no longer subject to the holy forge level.
                    15. Players who haven't completed class advancement will get a 10% EXP bonus everyday for logging in. Bonus EXP is not influenced by the World Prosperity bonus.