GameRocks Transfer - Unable to locate toon

UPDATE!! All players with issues locating or logging into their characters since the transfer are required to send in a ticket. Please CLICK HERE for instructions!
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[Announcement] Wartune Server Merges 12/20 @ 9:00 PM EST

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  • lmfao merge 5 servers but adding another 30 doesn't help at all ,this game is getting more lagged out by the day ....would be nice if ya would merge a heap of the US servers and maby think about adding another Oceania there i like 90 us servers and 5 Oceania cant compete or be able to in a server that was made a month before i started :/ and the US server i play i cant do all tasks due to time and the time of day its on .....feel free to mail me and let me know what ya think ,cos ill be happy to cansell my VIP'S and find a new game......


    • how to Like Us on Facebook, I already Like us Facebook but still there