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R2Games Summer Travel Trivia - Mini-Games, Prizes, & More!

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  • [Announcement] R2Games Summer Travel Trivia - Mini-Games, Prizes, & More!

    R2Games is inviting all gamers to come hang out, explore, and discover great global games, awesome events, and free prizes!

    Take part in the Summer Travel Trivia for your chance to win exclusive in-game prize packs worth up to$99.99!

    R2Games has special events and challenges for all to take part in, All centered around one giant challenge - Unlock all the continents! If you can finish all the events - earning sweet sweet prizes along the way - You’ll unlock a special reward!

    Come take part in the all the fun over at R2Games by clicking here! Happy Gaming!

    Event Time: August 24th-27th
    Click image for larger version

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    Doesn't work. I have 35 devotion and still says I don't. I re-logged refreshed the page and still says the same thing.


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      I haven't been able to for both check-ins now. have 200 devo too


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        Why we can't select WT at final destination?If this event is not for WT don't post on WT forum.


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          Originally posted by r.karolyi10 View Post
          Why we can't select WT at final destination?If this event is not for WT don't post on WT forum.
          they desperate to get us look at other games .. maybe they tired of wartune themselves .. but it brings most cash to date lol


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            as i dont use my r2 account so any codes I get will be given away to fellow players

            wartune bronze pack yTHABUChU94eCDVvgf

            league of angels 2 Good packCODE:JNVV434KMWYKU2SRJH

            league of angels 1 Excellent packCODE:HQRUZVM5EHR2PB95UG

            good luck if ur first to claim ur welcome to them


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              hmmm no wartune at final destination,its so stupid...u making a dumb mistake


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                league of angels 2 Faire pack code WMRP95BPSBFTVVVNNM
                your welcome


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                  Originally posted by R25588915 View Post
                  I haven't been able to for both check-ins now. have 200 devo too
                  Have you refreshed the game page then go through Hot events to get to event page afterwards?


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                    Conversation between two r2 emploee
                    " - hmmmm how to jerk players more,lets made one game whit chek-in and spin the Roulette
                    - ok,but what will be win chanse? 50 %
                    - no,its too much,25% is enough,that will recharge more,if win more,will recharge less and we DONT WANT THIS
                    - ok,25% will be.something else?
                    - yea,lets made crappy game for other ours online game,who wartune players DONT PLAY,but they cant know that,untill finish all task.
                    - yea,that a good idea.**** players,recharge is IMPORT
                    - but some ppl will quit,after see what cr@p we drop for free players
                    - who give a *****, for free users?all can leave,we have players who recharge(god blessed him and him credit card),remember my son,recharge is the magic word,**** free players,respect pay players
                    Last edited by ramboedno; 08-28-2017, 07:12 AM.


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                      It will be good idea to make all of those events accessible for all armorgames wartune players.