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2018 Holiday Season - Customer Service Support

This year, Chinese New Year dates range from February 13th to February 21st. All of our developers will be unavailable during this period, as well as most R2Games staff. We will still be providing ticket services, forum support, and in-game monitoring during this holiday, but coverage and response times may be constricted.
For more information, visit
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Wonderhill has moved to GameRocks

Wonderhill/Kabam players returning to the game, or who did not complete the GameRocks migration process during the month of December, please follow the easy instructions in this thread to be reconnected with your character:
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Wartune Weekly Maintenance 2/13 @ 03:00 AM EST

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  • [Maintenance Notice] Wartune Weekly Maintenance 2/13 @ 03:00 AM EST

    Wartune will be having a Maintenance on Tuesday, the 13th of Februaryat 03:00 AM EST, 12:00 AM PST, 08:00 AM GMT, and 4:00 PM GMT+8 for USWEST servers.

    Maintenance is expected to take approximately 1 hour but could be shorter or longer. Please keep an eye on this thread for any updates or changes.

    Please be aware that Astrals Captured, but not claimed or sold will be lost during maintenance. If you have Astrals left unclaimed, please claim them before maintenance starts. Please log out as well before the maintenance to avoid data loss. We'll make another announcement if the maintenance is extended due to unexpected issues. Thank you.

    Considering the various bugs such as ranking/Hot Event resets and Dimensional War reward issues that may result due to the maintenance, we've prepared the following compensation for all servers involved:
    1,000,000 Gold
    1,000,000 Daru
    Extreme Stamina Potion x1
    Lvl. 2 Bonus EXP Scroll x1
    Double Honor Scroll x1
    Blood of Zeus x40

    Patch Notes:
    1. Optimized server conditions..

    We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your support! See you all in-game!
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    i got the screen too.
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      Are we having maint today as I have the maint screen up now am trying to log back into the game after getting a white screen.
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        Wartune will be having a Maintenance on Tuesday, the 13th of February at 04:00 AM EST, 01:00 AM PST, 09:00 AM GMT, and 5:00 PM GMT+8 for all servers.
        today is the 10th! Why are we having it today?
        Class: Mage Lvl. 80: BR: 20mil+
        Server: S551 Glass Mines a.k.a. S92
        Guild: Paradise
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          I know all of the announcements being posted at once is confusing, but just make sure to skim through the stickies.
          Rules of the Forum are found here.

          R2Games Ticket System for browser games:
          Mobile game Ticket System is accessed through the in-app support link.

          For additional assistance with a ticket, please provide a moderator with your ingame name, server, and game.


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            Its said that maintenance would start at 1am server time its only reset and they shut down server without any notice refreshed to log in again and says maintenance nice how they moved it up for server down durning maintenance without telling us


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              Some servers are down right now wile others are still up (S100 and S645 are still up).

              Only US West are down, all others are up.
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                Why are all servers up except US west? What did they break this time


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                  ok why are only the u.s west servers in maintenance mode in kabam / wonderhill / gamerocks?

                  and rest are not post states all servers will be down for maintenance or is west coast only the special ones


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                    I play on US west coast server and the game server hasn't shut down. It's 2am here and I'm still waiting to be kicked off of the game. I know several of my guildies vanished after reset because most people do a 'reset refresh'. Once my alt got logged out (because I wasn't on that toon's page for 10 minutes *grrr*), I tried to log it back in and discovered they just shut down the login server. Game server is still up and running if you didn't log off..
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                      As time progresses more and more i am thinking that R2 nor 7Road don't give a $#@$. anymore.

                      - The performance on the cluster where S100 houses is still horrible compared to the cluster where S645 sits in. S645 is far smoother to walk in than the other.
                      - Maintenances on weird times or not being carried out at all.
                      - A total lack of information from R2.
                      - Leaving bugs for what they are dispite all the tickets we send in for months (Spirebug, it is 1,5 year since it first appeared).

                      But hey, just add more and more features in the game, let's forget about all existing problems and introduce new problems. I am very fond on some changes but we need to be honest here, the lag is getting worse and there is no way that it is ever going to be fixed. How long are people complaining about the lag, what is it, 3 years? And 3 years ago i remember that lag was only minor compared to the thick soup we are swimming in now.

                      And then the merges. Players on our cluster are leaving because more and more players become inactive. We've had a massive wave of players who created alts for the sake of it (just to troll certain players) and we need a merge. Our cluster is dying and nothing is done about that. Heck, we are planning to merge the two biggest guilds on the server, once the biggest rivals and now we are eachothers friend because things got silent.

                      Well, and then there are the maintenances, promises promises but at the end of the story i haven't done any of the mpd's today because i didn't wanted to loose attempts. A big waste of time.


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                        It clearly states they are on a skeleton crew right now for their holiday time. Not unlike some US and EU companies the end of December.

                        I'm not happy with not collecting my beers, but moaning and griping does nothing.

                        It will be up when it is up. Not all maintenance is planned. Sometimes you just have to do it. This strikes me as fitting that description because of the timing.


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                          its been 8 hours 15 mins now and west coast server are still not back went down at 8am GMT and it now 16:20 GMT
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                            Is no maintenance for European servers? We didn't get any today.


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                              even the ppl posting the posts are mor ons come on if ur going to edit it properly at least do a **** good job of a edit

                              Wartune will be having a Maintenance on Tuesday, the 13th of February ((((((((at 03:00 AM EST, 12:00 AM PST, 08:00 AM GMT, and 4:00 PM GMT+8)))))))))) remove whats in brackets if only for USWEST servers.and not post a shoddy edit

                              even memorylane can do a better job of a edit than this dumb guy