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Wartune Patch 7.8

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  • [Guide] Wartune Patch 7.8

    R2Games Presents Wartune Patch 7.8

    Castle Wars - There shall be a great feast if we win this war!
    New Eudaemon Patrol and Bounty - Explore for more adventures and more rewards!

    Overall Optimizations - World Boss, Devotion, NPCs, and more.

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    Castle Wars

    There shall be a great feast if we win this war!

    Click the top event icon or visit NPC Arlos in the Cloud City to enter.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	CW1.png
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ID:	1954004

    Available Duration
    Unlock Time: 21:30 - 22:00 every day
    Unlock Condition: Castle Wars is a monsters crisis survival event. Players participate in the event in a guild. The Guild Master need to spend 5M Guild Wealth to enroll their guild. After signing up, every guild member can join. Sign-up data resets on the first day of each month.

    Gameplay Info
    1. Each round divides participating guilds into two teams: Blue and Red. Upon entering the event, players will join the team which their guild stands for. Players will garrison the castle and fight monsters to defend their castle. The first team to eliminate all monsters will win, or if a team's castle is destroyed by monsters, the other team wins automatically.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	CW2.jpg
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ID:	1954005

    2. Players can select a strategy to garrison or fight once the countdown to start has ended. Click the "Fight" button and your troops will move towards the monster cave. During the movement, when running into monsters, the troops will automatically fight them. Troops will continue to move forward after a successful battle, but player HP will not restore during the event. If a player dies, they will have to wait 30 seconds till the cooldown ends to select another strategy. Meanwhile, they will receive a battle buff, which will increase their attributes by a certain percentage. The buff will vanish after the player wins a battle.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	CW3.jpg
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ID:	1954006

    3. Monsters respawn around the cave at intervals and march towards the center of the battle ground. When there are no troops to garrison the castle, the monsters will attack the castle, resulting in the reduction of the castle HP. The event ends when the castle's HP reaches 0. Each time a player defeats a monster, a rival's monsters cave adds two monsters.
    4. When monsters are attacking the castle, the troops will be able to attack the cave if their amount is larger than that of the monsters (max. 3 attempts). After 3 battles, players will have to re-select strategy (choose to garrison or fight). A team wins after clearing the monster cave.
    5. Players will be able to change skills after defeating a certain number of monsters. Different skills give different effects.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	cw4.png
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ID:	1954007Intimidate: Instantly remove 5 monsters from the cave on your side.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	cw5.png
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ID:	1954008Invoke: Instantly add 5 monsters to attack rival's base.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	cw6.png
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Size:	12.5 KB
ID:	1954009Bless: Increase attributes of the battling troop by 2%.
    Click image for larger version

Name:	cw7.png
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Size:	13.0 KB
ID:	1954010Onslaught: Directly attack rival's garrison troops or attack the base if there are no garrison troops.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	CW8.png
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Size:	100.1 KB
ID:	1954011

    6. Players who have been AFK for more than 5 minutes will be kicked out of the event and will not receive any battle reward. They will only receive match result reward.
    7. Players can click "Garrison" to return to the castle, but this will not restore HP (Players will stay in the castle after clicking "Garrison" so they will not be kicked out).

    Victory and Failure Conditions
    1. Destroy Enemy Castle: When a team's castle HP becomes 0, the other team wins.
    2. Eliminate Monster Cave: When all monsters in one monster cave are eliminated, the event ends. The team that eliminates all monsters wins.
    3. Event Timeout: When event time is over, if both castles have remaining HP, then the team with more HP wins.
    4. Event Timeout Decider: When event time is over, if both castles have the same amount of HP, then the team with more points wins; if point amount is the same, the team that kills more monsters win. If both teams kill the same number of monsters, they tie with each other and neither will receive match result rewards.

    1. Match Result Reward: Match result rewards are issued by mail after each event (Check the above text for conditions of victory and failure).
    2. Monster Reward: After defeating monsters, players will receive random drops and personal points.
    3. Personal Point Reward: Players with 50 or more personal points will be ranked and credited with rewards.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	CW9.png
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ID:	1954012


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      New Eudaemon Patrol & Bounty

      Eudaemon Patrol has been updated with a new feature: Exploration! Explore for more adventures and more rewards!


      Click image for larger version

Name:	PB1.jpg
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ID:	1954013

      After the update, players can enter Eudaemon Patrol and Bounty Targets by clicking the Eudaemon Patrol Bounty at God Timo.


      I. Eudaemon Patrol

      a) Level cap of Base Camp and Watchtower has been raised to level 10.
      b) When Watchtower reaches Lvl. 10, Willpower can be deployed to patrol around.
      c) Place a Willpower at a Lvl. 10 Watchtower to meet the requirements of all difficulties of Patrol Quests in Watchtower. Willpower cannot meet all Patrol Quest requirements at the same time. In other words, no matter how high the Willpower's attributes is, it can only fulfill requirement of one of the Patrol Quest.
      d) Exploration has been added. Players can deploy Eudaemon or Willpower to explore under the Watchtower panel and receive exploration bonus rewards once the corresponding bounty spot monsters are defeated. The higher the level of the Eudaemon/Willpower deployed, the better the rewards. Each exploration takes 6 hours and quitting is not allowed during this time.

      II. Bounty

      Click image for larger version

Name:	PB2.jpg
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Size:	143.9 KB
ID:	1954014

      a) The entrance of a new Bounty Spot is besides the Watchtower. Each Watchtower has a corresponding Bounty Spot next to it.
      b) Higher level Bounty Spot monsters offer better rewards. Monster level starts at Lvl. 1. Monster level in a Bounty Spot will increase after a successful challenge. If a challenge fails, the difficulty of Bounty Spot monsters will lower.
      c) Players will receive fixed Bounty Spot rewards and exploration bonus rewards each time they defeat monsters. This only occurs when players have sent Eudaemon or Willpower for exploration.
      d) A Bounty Spot will vanish once monsters are eliminated and will refresh at 00:00 the next day.


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        Overall Optimizations

        I. World BOSS Optimization
        After two years of training, the World BOSSES have mastered a super power, allowing them to enter a state of invincibility. But however powerful the BOSSES are, they can be defeated as long as players work hard together. Don't give up the good fight!
        Note: During the period when a BOSS is invincible, attack damage to the BOSS also counts in the final settlement.

        Click image for larger version  Name:	QQ??20180419184857.jpg Views:	1 Size:	118.2 KB ID:	1954041

        II. Event Entry Adjustments
        Thanks to efforts of all warriors, the riots in the Outlands - Titan City have been put down. NPCs in the Cloud City have begun to take charge of different events.
        Titan Temple - NPC Salisbury
        Time Portal - NPC Waldorf
        Endless Abyss - NPC Padder
        Time Cavern - NPC Warder

        III. Simplification of Top Icons
        The following features will be handed over to Cloud City NPCs.
        Eudaemon Signet - NPC God Timo
        Fashion Chest - NPC Ifrain
        Rider's Chest - NPC Ifrain
        Dreamland - NPC Isabel
        Lord's Trial - NPC Bruno

        Click image for larger version  Name:	11.jpg Views:	1 Size:	117.4 KB ID:	1954045

        IV. Devotion Optimizations

        Click image for larger version  Name:	QQ??20180419184901.jpg Views:	1 Size:	119.8 KB ID:	1954040

        a) Optimized Devotion UI.
        b) Added more Devotion quests.
        c) Added Weekly Devotion Chest rewards that can be collected once players reach the devotion requirement. Weekly Devotion resets at 00:00 every Monday.
        d) Added devotion quest rewards description.

        V. Other Optimizations
        a) Adjusted the stack limit of some items in the Inventory.
        b) Updated source description in description of some items.
        c) Adjusted the location of the page icon on top of the screen.
        d) Optimized RAM lagging.
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