Wartune Guide Competition

Are you good at writing guides? Do you have tips and tricks you would love to share with everyone? Take a look at our new Forum Event: Guide Competition!
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Wartune Guide Competition!

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  • [Forum Event] Wartune Guide Competition!

    Hello Warriors!

    As the game has evolved over the years, many of the guides written by experienced players of the past are a bit outdated now. We’d like to tap into the minds of the experienced players of today to update our entire roster of guides. To accomplish this feat for our fellow and future players, the Mods and GMs have teamed up to host a guide competition!

    How it works

    Players interested in participating will find a thread titled 'Guide Competition: Round #' at the top of Beginner Guides and FAQ at the start of each round. In the thread, you will find the current topic for a formal guide, and/or a topic for a ‘Tips and Tricks’ guide, as well as any special rules, duration, and the rewards for the round.

    If the current topics interest you, post a new thread in the Beginner Guides and FAQ section of the forum with the guide or your tips and tricks, then head back to the sticky thread to leave the link to your thread when you are done.

    At the end of the round, all entries will be reviewed by the Mod and GM teams to select a grand prize winner, whose guide will then be linked in the Guides and FAQ thread. Additional winners will be selected by way of to ensure a fair shot at rewards.


    As with all competitions, there must be rules! In order to be eligible for a prize, the rules must be followed.
    1. Participants must post a new thread on the current round topic and post a link to their guide in the round’s sticky thread. Be sure to include your character name and server at the end of your guide.
    2. Any attempts at plagiarism will result in a forum ban for the duration of the round, with potential exclusion from future rounds. Do not copy and paste from a guide found elsewhere on the internet.
    3. Please use complete words. Do not substitute numbers for letters (ie, 2 for to or too) or single letters for whole words (ie, u for you).
    4. Avoid acronyms. Guides are intended to help players who may have questions about the topics, and as such may not know what the acronyms are, and won’t find the guide when using the forum search function. If you’re going to use acronyms anyway, please write out what the acronyms mean in the guide. For example, ‘This is a guide about This Event, also known as TE.’
    5. Use pictures, they help. Breaking up blocks of text with images helps with readability, and helps readers fully understand the concept being discussed.
    6. Please make smart use of post formatting, and have a logical flow of information. You are writing a guide, after all, and it should be easy to follow.

    • Contest is open to all players under the R2 umbrella, including: R2, Kong, GameRocks, ArmorGames
    • All rules and conditions for the Guide Competition are decided and enforced by the Mod and GM teams.
    • All winners are chosen by the Mod and GM teams.
    • Any questions, complaints, or feedback regarding this event must be directed to the Mods or GMs.
    • Rewards will be sent within 2 weeks after the end of the round. See the Round's thread for information on the duration of the round.
    • Round length and rewards will be set at the beginning of the round, but either may change for future rounds, and are solely dependent on overall participation.
    • Any player who has been disqualified from participation may not use an alternate account to participate with.

    Rules of the Forum are found here.

    R2Games Ticket System for browser games:
    Mobile game Ticket System is accessed through the in-app support link.

    For additional assistance with a ticket, please provide a moderator with your ingame name, server, and game.