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    no megustaporque hay que gasar dinero


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      Originally posted by CRNIGRUJA View Post
      FORGIVE ME . So what do you really do not see people say about R2 and Wartune, he thinks that this has improved the game, but they only created it to serve money from us and they need more work in life in the sky. But you see that they started to give, events that you do not have to get anything in the dream, and with this they expect that we are all so stupid that we will spend our money for them. You do not have to successfully manage the money even if you're wasting money, hmmm but you should then go to the bank and apply for a loan. R2-Wartune, are you really so stupid or what if you think that people are really so dumb and stupid ?. If you think so, you can promise the ending of this game in the future, because everyone will slowly stop playing it all, then you just want someone else to play this game.
      will save them the costs of getting game to html 5
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          Originally posted by theghosthimself View Post

          will save them the costs of getting game to html 5
          thats if they can do it lol

          they cant even fix the lag in game in flash mode

          so wonder what bugs and lag will be like in their new html format hahahaa


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            I shudder to think what new lame event are lame deveo's will come up with next
            Live long and prosper.