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[Survey] We Want Your Feedback!

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  • #46
    i like the option 1 its pictures are very good and atrractive too.


    • #47
      wartune best game of 2012 i lovedd


      • #48
        The first one! With some adjustments: put the girl from the third one or the second one opposite the guy in the first one, the girl thats there now doesnt really fit. remove the writing in the first one too, and it'd be the best one


        • #49
          i like the 1st option avatar. but i think option 3 have a better design.


          • #50
            1: I like the layout, maybe "Free to Play" instead of Free MMORPG... the text is fine, but if i landed on that page i wanted to know exactly what kind of game i'm going to be playing. Most of the time people will have to then youtube gameplay videos. Instead of the text, how about a video clip that incorporates the text AND actual gameplay video. Then people know what the game is, how the game plays, the key features, and whether or not they want to give it a go.

            2: Terriable job, looks like something I did in middle school. No offense, but it looks way too rush and elements are just out of place.

            3: Typical landing, but if i didnt know anything about wartunes and i wanted to see what the game was about... this wouldn't help

            I just noticed, sniperrank stop necrobumpin! lol