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Limited Edition – Mount Training Pack!

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    thats right,, its so hard to get a crypt key,, sometimes i feel like i wanna quit playing because of very or should i say super limited crypt key.. .. i am almost at level 50 and yet i was able to get only 5 crypt key that is why i am being left behind..


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      They dont realise they would make sooo much more money if it was affordable to all.
      Short sightedness I guess.


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        there are a few things I noticed about this game that make me not sure if I should continue to play. (and I am a casher) stamina = limited playing time (Should make stamina potions available to all though guild shops for contribution points)

        2. limited Dungeons also = limited playing time (Why a limit them? In doing so you make it so many can not get groups because those that have done there 3/day won't run more most time) Why do something that takes your time and get nothing from it is way most people think.

        3.The wild has to few mobs and treasures on it it takes forever to find a mob or treasure on it,And I did not notice if gained any exp hunting them but think they are 0 exp gainers.

        4. can only plant one kryonite plant per farm all other plants are not limited hmmm.

        I like the game but these are little things I think everyone would agree need tweeking.


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          not worth of it.. Crypt Key Pack is the best i think


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            Originally posted by uya91 View Post
            the price to high for me T_T
            R2 please give small amount them not worth of thousands xtal... This game only a game not spend million or billion money this game this is a s2upid


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              THis game love us.dont take me too expensive ur items in fate shop please

              please set Gmut Event OR Ewing Event for us ... :

              You also height drop also rates drop rate of Dragon Crystal or Others Stuff tskk..

              trill give unto this game if u to that

              give a best event for us not boring events to give us (((((
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                When are we getting another one of these packs? I want to stock up on a ton of them