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Turkey Slice Exchange! (Bugged Soul Engraving)

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    Originally posted by Leopauld View Post
    1st i want to thank r2 for making the difference between cashers and free players bigger

    even if u make we exchange turkey slices for chest pieces free players can get barely 110 pieces which is not enough to even get a blue sylph
    and anyone can get green sylphs with a bit of luck by farming the sylph atol

    we free players (and mostly free players too) thank you very much for this nice event
    Doesn't the same apply for real life or do you have the same items as the rich people there? Of course the people with money shall have more than the rest lol, stop being so competitive


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      its not a matter of being competitive, its a matter of fairness

      doin a event where free players can onyl get something that they can get with some effort in the game and giving the cashers the rewards that will be really hard to get (u can still get a blue sylph in the sylph attol but with a huge amount of luck) its not really fair and will just contribute to the free players to end up quitting the game

      but you're probably ok with it i see


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        Originally posted by R212224495 View Post
        i read some things around here ... ppl just mad bro ... guys enjoy the game. This is my first and probably last. Yes i have lag too, yes we missing on some things cuz of errors or R2 or whatever but trust me never got mad at glitches, errors, lag, dced and such, im just enjoying the game as is, made a few good friends, have a laugh and some jokes around, all good. Yes im casher but thats not why i like this game. Cant believe the lvl of hostility in u guys!
        All these posts are not unjustified hostility.They are the outcome of many months of bugs, lag, unanswered tickets, complaints etc...If YOU like getting beaten, effed and anything else nasty, without protest and criticize and you also pay for it...sry, but there is no reason to trust your point of view


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          ive spent 1.5k soul crystals for this wth =_=

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          Level: Lv62
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          Rank: Crusader x_x
          Battle Rating: 63073 (yh im noob :/ )

          "Whats inside is more important than whats outside"


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            I am not sure about this, but on the first day of Soul engraving I received the Turkey slices; however for the last 2 days I have not received any.
            Was just wondering if this was a one day thing or if this is no longer giving any.
            Not that I am complaining about what I have received,


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              Hey, no soul engrave quest today? I can't see What happend???