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    I got the same prob as koevman
    It seems if you used 10 fate stones before dungeon reset, they no longer counted after reset.
    Always, before, they kept a running tally.
    Is it now that you have to do the events within certain unspecified times?
    I know the event doesn't give much, but it should still work.


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      I make a similar complete as koevman:
      When you have the Love Thy Mount event and the Soul Crystals event, these events are cumulative and hence to get 500 soul crystals or mount training whips, we can take a few days to do it.
      However, for this 1 day event, it's NOT cumulative and any you do before the first 5 hours aren't counted in the next 19 hours?

      This is inconsistant and either needs to be explained in the game or else should have consistancy.

      My concerns haven't been answered and looking on the forums I've found that I am not the only one that had this problem.

      Can you either explain the events properly or make them consistant rather than us just trying to work out what you might mean with out any guidelines?


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        wow...event in just 1 day..just noticed today...-_-''