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[Activity] Rewards for Guides Round Two: WRITE!

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  • [Activity] Rewards for Guides Round Two: WRITE!

    We’re aware that there are some hard-core players who are enthusiastically making a number of helpful posts in the forum to assist other players and make their enjoyment of the game better. And now we need their abundant in-game knowledge and experience. We will be giving rewards for original game guides, written by the players themselves. If we then select a guide the player will receive a reward.

    Every two weeks we'll be updating with the type of post that we'll need. We will then choose 5 winners out of the posted guides. Using a super secret method that is secret (so don't bother asking, we're not telling!), we will select 1st through 5th place guides. The 1st and 2nd place guides will receive the Level 2 rewards listed below. The 3rd through 5th place guides will receive the Level 1 rewards listed below.

    This week's Guide of Choice: ASTRALS (Either the System, or the Astrals, or both!)

    The winners for Astral Guides, listed in no particular order, are as follows:


    Level 1 Rewards:
    • 70,000 Gold
    • 40,000 Daru
    • Purple Bounty Scroll x1
    • Stamina Potion x2
    • Two Seeds randomly selected from the list below:
      Click image for larger version

Name:	Level 1 Seeds.png
Views:	5
Size:	112.4 KB
ID:	1732485

    Level 2 Rewards:
    • 100,000 Gold
    • 50,000 Daru
    • Enhanced Bounty Scroll x 1
    • Extreme Stamina Potioin x 1
    • Two Seeds Randomly selected from the list below:
      Click image for larger version

Name:	Level 2 Seeds.png
Views:	5
Size:	116.5 KB
ID:	1732486

    If a guide is chosen, we will leave a message in the post and pm him through the forum mailbox.

    “Congratulations! You got a reward for posting guides for beginners, please be sure to check your mailbox for our message. “

    Please add the server name and character name to the post after you were made aware that your game guide was chosen. The reward will be sent within 24 hours after we make note of your character name and server. Also be sure to include a link to your guide below so we'll be sure to see it!
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    nice, we need many event cos the ppl need a entertainment


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      wow, very nice


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        how can we guide them??


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          How I can get ?


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            i could really need some guidense...Thanks....


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              wow nice


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                For everyone asking for help here, you are writing a guide that includes information about the topic posted. This week the topic is astrals. So, what you're suppose to do is create a new thread in the Beginner Guides & FAQ section and write about things like how to use the astral system, or your method to obtaining the best astrals- anything related to astrals really. Then come back here and post the link to your new guide so it's sure to be seen.

                As an example, Cerden has just posted a guide on astrals here:

                For more example for guides visit here:
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                Rules of the Forum are found here.

                R2Games Ticket System for browser games:
                Mobile game Ticket System is accessed through the in-app support link.

                For additional assistance with a ticket, please provide a moderator with your ingame name, server, and game.


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                  tnx GM we need more event..but i hope that theirs no cheater.........


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                    all my guides are made from personal experience and help from


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                      "Using a super secret method that is secret"

                      Are you telling me this is a secret method?? Lool


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                        yes tha will be a very nice event to make ppl play the game more


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                          Astrals are your main source of power once you get them. They are one of the few ways to personalize your character to fit you. You can make a better defense to last longer in a fight or better attack power to end one. But the choice is all up to you. I like them because they are what separates a geared player and a great player. I have beaten player 4 level higher then me in duels because of astrals.

                          With that being said lets look at them. A mage would need matk to better end a fight but pdef to last. A Knight would need Patk to end a fight, but Matk to last longer. there are astrals for all people. Some that disable crit but increase damage, and others that reduce all damage by percents. So this is all up to the way a person wants to build their character.

                          Thank You,
                          Temple of Belize, S1


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                            Thnx! it will be a big help!


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                              lv up

                              for all players lv1-12 a quick and easy way to lv up fast is to do as many daily Quests and main Quests as you can. plus use your leveler seeds for max EXP., and i know this because i did it as well. you will get to level 29 in less then a week.