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[Announcement] Wartune Maintenance on August 6th @ 3:30 AM EDT

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  • [Announcement] Wartune Maintenance on August 6th @ 3:30 AM EDT

    We will be performing a maintenance on following servers: S1, S2, S3, S7, S11, S18, S40, S42, S43, S45, S48, S54, S55, S66, S81, S85, S106, S123, S124, S127, S157, S189, S194, S204, S209, S218, S223, S230, S237, S241, S248, S272, S294, S300, S303, S306, S309, S333, S336, S356, S359, S363, S382, S385, S396, S399, and S517 on August 6th @ 3:30 AM EDT (00:30 PDT, 8:30 AM GMT, 3:30 PM GMT +8). We will updating these servers to Part I of the Wartune 3.1 Update. Maintenance is expected to last from 4 to 6 hours, but could be longer or shorter. Please keep an eye on this thread for any updates or changes.

    NOTE 1: Please be aware that Astrals Captured, but not claims or sold will be lost during maintenance. If you have Astrals left unclaimed, please claim them before maintenance starts.

    NOTE 2: To provide a better gaming experience for all, some adjustments to leveling EXP requirements have been made during this maintenance. Thus, some players may see slight differences in character levels. However, total EXP amounts obtained have not been changed.

    Wartune 3.1 Part I additions:
    • 1. Added a Marriage system
    • 2. Added Class Advancement
    • 3. Added a Mount Refining system
    • 4. Changed the Multiplayer Arena to 4v4
    • 5. Added a Multiplayer Dungeon: Dragon Invasion
    • 6. Added advanced Astral slots and upgrades
    • 7. Fixed several bugs and typographical errors

    Have you been dying to propose to the love of your life but just can’t seem to figure out how? Now’s your chance! Propose to, marry, or divorce whomever you want in the all new marriage system!


    Class Advancement
    Level 80 isn’t the end of the line. Players can now complete quests for Class Advancement for the opportunity to learn more powerful skills, upgrade equipment in the Holy Forge, earn an awesome title, and so much more!

    class adancement1.jpg
    class adancement2.jpg

    Mount Refining
    Tired of your mount slowing you down in battle? Then now’s the time to upgrade! Unlocked upon reaching level 70, players can now refine their mounts’ stats to create even more terrifying dragons, horses, and guinea pigs.

    mount refining1.jpg
    Mount refining2.jpg

    4v4 Arena
    If you thought the 3v3 arena was good, wait until you try the revamped multiplayer arena! Battle against even more friends or foes and show them who’s worthy of bringing home the loot.

    4V4 arena.jpg

    Dragon Invasion
    Fend off the dragon invasion in the toughest survival challenge yet! Party up with friends to power through the most deadly series of dungeons yet and earn tons of rewards.

    dragon invasion1.jpg
    dragon invasion2.jpg
    dragon invasion3.jpg

    Astral Upgrades
    Never seem to be enough Astrals to go around? Cross that one off the list with two new Astral slots, Astral upgrade training, plus some brand new double attribute Astrals!

    Astral Upgrades.jpg

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    NO S57 on maint?


    • #3
      COOL. added skills and marriage. Is this gonna cost balens to get married?


      • #4
        No S100 eaither :/

        Originally posted by WaRzOn3 View Post
        COOL. added skills and marriage. Is this gonna cost balens to get married?
        yes the ring coste balens but only one of them you marriges with need to pay.
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          Woot new stuff!!
          Wartune's Cookie is retired. In game drama and Cashing is outrageous. Enjoy peeps!

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            going make game kind more laggy with extra stuff...


            • #7
              Wow, I wasn't expecting so much stuff
              Better go find some random stranger to marry


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                and when will ALl the servers be getting it? After all it isnt going to be fair for us euro people to be getting to fight 4 people when we only have 3 *sees several euro servers in there*
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                and yes, I am planning to kidnap you and ransom you back to others.. that or sell you on ebay.
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                  Originally posted by Niasaj View Post
                  and when will ALl the servers be getting it? After all it isnt going to be fair for us euro people to be getting to fight 4 people when we only have 3 *sees several euro servers in there*
                  When S1 gets its week early maintenance, it gets secluded from all other west coast servers until the patch is implemented a week later for all. So basically, the euro servers chosen to get the maintenance a week early will not appear on your cross server match ups, rankings, etc.
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                    s292 plz


                    • #11
                      is marriage system need balen only ?


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                        Server: s240
                        Nickname: Clavel


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                          When does east coast server gets this? Looks like a new patch but many people were expecting a 9999 stack. Guess we have to wait for new patches or it might not come.
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                            Where is the mini client? whereeeeeeeeeee!
                            Spamming the forums with many threads will not make you wise.


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                              This is soo stupid r2.... i mean really??? whos bright idea was this, you just listed 2 of the toughest servers there, s2 and s42, and your gonna get them a week ahead of the rest of us and then make us fight them in class wars and other cross server stuff? this has to be a joke right? i mean really??? server 1 for a test okay i understand... but giving the rest a week earlier thats just stupid and unfair