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[Activity] Sweet Wedding - Mount Trainer

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  • [Activity] Sweet Wedding - Mount Trainer

    Duration: 8/18- 8/20 23:59 (Server Time)

    • R2Games: S1 - S507
    • Kabam: S1 - S101
    • Armor Games: S1 - S8

    Description: Upgrade your mount to required level and be rewarded.

    • Upgrade your Mount to level 4: Mount Training Whip x2000, Sweet Wedding Pack x10
    • Upgrade your Mount to level 5: Mount Training Whip x2500, Sweet Wedding Pack x20
    • Upgrade your Mount to level 6: Mount Training Whip x3000, Sweet Wedding Pack x30
    • Upgrade your Mount to level 7: Mount Training Whip x3500, Sweet Wedding Pack x40

    • Rewards can be redeemed ONCE per character.
    • Players who have participated in this event in the past or present will not be able to redeem these rewards again.

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    why LVL 4 now? it was lvl 3 before ;"( so unfair


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      Originally posted by StrikerThe13 View Post
      why LVL 4 now? it was lvl 3 before ;"( so unfair
      lvl3? show me the link or screenshot which show it was lvl 3 (coz as far as i remember it was lvl4 before)
      Mellisan of S3 Worg Lair out ( for good i more fun in arena 4v4 mean no more fun in wartune* since in patch 5.1 R2 decide to match campers with lvl 70++ ( win some-lose some* still no fun at all). Cya our beloved friends ( and dont expect meeting ANY of us in any other R2 games*WILL NEVER HAPPENED )


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        it was lvl 3 before..


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          it always been lvl 4, from the start of stable events.


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            No actually once was for lvl3 also but was only 150 whips if i rememeber correctly.


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              its lvl3 in the first month of the server opening when its got it own events then its lvl4