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    sorry if I ask a stupid question.
    I've play a lot at Cast & Conquer on my tablet, I sign up there. Now I want to play it also in my phone but I can't find a way to continue with my actual character. I can only create a new one.
    How I can sinchronize the two device with my original character?

    Best regards


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    I am wondering the same but for a different reason. I am currently on an iPhone 4s and am upgrading to a iphone 6. I hope my profile will transfer or need to know what to do to transfer it.


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      No answer?


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        need it///


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          why need it?
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            Create the login on your tablet.
            Open CnC on your phone.
            Tap the lower left corner of the screen where your name would appear.
            Elect not to create a new account, you should be able to log in from there.


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              when your device will die you wouldnt want to lose your account (or you just have different devices in different places). so you need to have an opportunity to log on with your account from every device


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                You do, just do as I said. Create the account on your main device.

                Game data is also saved in back-ups so if you have to replace your device for whatever reason you won't lose your game data


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                  i had that idea. created new account on pc (android emulation Bluestacks). connection is better that on tablet - thats the big reason (hate lags on tablet). will try again to name my account and then to sign in with my main (everytime was mistake, that name or e-mail is busy). also tryed to find cashe, back-ups on pc - no luck.

                  ok. thank you. will try again


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                    Not sure my other account was ever registered

                    I had an account on a phone that was destroyed, not sure I ever linked it to anything, entered the user name in the main screen and says it does not exist but I know he account does because my legionnaires can see him on the roster. How can I recover the username and password for it so I can use him again? I spent rather a lot of money on that account.


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                      Hi adam, please contact support through the app,, for assistance. You may need to create a new character to access the support button, just be sure to include all of the information about the character you are disconnected from.
                      Rules of the Forum are found here.

                      R2Games Ticket System for browser games:
                      Mobile game Ticket System is accessed through the in-app support link.

                      For additional assistance with a ticket, please provide a moderator with your ingame name, server, and game.