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    Follow us to learn more information on Dragon Pals!

    There are 10 basic elements for the dragons in the game (3 of them have not implemented yet). They are Fire, Water, Nature, Earth, Wind, Lightning and Metal. You may get a new dragon by breeding two dragons with different elements. Dragons you get from breeding will inherit elements from their parents. The higher the quality, the more elements. The element interactions are mutually restrained. For example, water skill deals more damage on a fire dragon. The image below indicates which elements are strong against other elements.
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    Now each element has their own habitats. Before you hatch a dragon, you need to make sure it has a place to live in. Dragons generate gold over time when they are in a habitat. The higher the quality, the more gold it generates. To earn plenty of gold, you will want to put most of your dragons in the above habitats.
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    Breed your dragons for a chance to earn rare hybrid dragons. Stronger dragons take longer to breed and hatch. The higher the level, the better the chance at earning a rare or a legendary dragon. Once you get two or more Legendary dragons, try sticking them both into the love bridge and breeding them, you will have a chance to breed a new Legendary dragon. On the rarity scale, you may find: Common (C), Rare (R), Epic (E), Legendary (L).
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    Dragon Fruits are the Dragons' favorite! In order to feed your dragons, you will have to build farms. Farms can be upgraded to grow more food. Food and Gold are the basis of the economy in Dragon Pals. The more of it you have, the faster you can do everything. So the primary focus in the game is increasing the amount of Food and Gold you can get.
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    Expanding your territory becomes a necessity once you have way too many habitats. Every expansion costs gold/neighbors/diamonds. Friends are very helpful in Dragon Pals. You can send gift and help expand each other. You may also challenge them on the battle. To get friends, join Dragon Pals Mobile Facebook groups, and look for “add me” posts.
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    This is the quick way to get everything. You can buy diamonds with real money and speed up EVERYTHING. You can also earn them in game. Here are a few methods in which you can get gems:
    1) Participate in the Facebook event, the team gives diamonds very generously.
    2) Clear the Adventure Mode, you can earn diamonds from spinning and opening the explorers chests.
    3) Complete the daily tasks and daily events.
    4) Leveling up gives you 1 diamond.
    5) Unlock Dracopedia and share on Facebook to get double reward.
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    When in battle against other dragons, pick an attack and then pay attention to the color of the arrow that appears above your competitors’ dragons. If it’s green, that means the attack is extra strong against them, and if it’s red, it’s weak.
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