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Dragon Pals Patch Notes 15/6/2017

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  • Dragon Pals Patch Notes 15/6/2017

    Dear Dragon Masters,

    We received a lot of feedback from you, and we have made a ton of improvements. We also added a bunch of cool new features, so we hope you will like them! If you have any issues or suggestions, please contact our customer service in-game. Enjoy!

    Check out what's coming in the 6/15 Update!

    Patch notes:

    - Added the Arena: you can now challenge other players!

    - Added Rankings: Now you know where you stand compared to other players!

    - Added Dailies: more things to do and more rewards every day, whoo!

    - Added Synergies: The more dragons you collect, the more stats you get from their dragon Synergies!

    - Added "Replant" option: replant easier and faster in the Farms! (Available at level 13)

    - Added "Rebreed" option: rebreed easier and faster in the Love bridge! (Available at level 4)

    - When you duel your friends, you can now share your victories on Facebook and get double the rewards!

    - Added Facebook invites: invite your Facebook friends to play the game and get Diamonds for FREE!

    - It's now much easier to return to the main panel on Android.

    - Added Instances and Arena buildings.

    - Adjusted the Monthly Check-in rewards.

    - Modified the Chat, Friends and Mail portals.

    - Improved the Shop graphics: the dragon and building models are now in 3D.

    - Improved the main UI display.

    - Increased the max camera distance on the island.

    - Improved automatic reconnection.

    - Improved load times when entering battles.

    - Improved feedback sensitivity.

    - Improved the effects before entering a battle.

    - Improved the game flow and the load times.

    - A brand new tutorial.

    - A brand new Dracopedia interface.

    - Changed the Farm model.

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