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EZPZ player introductions

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  • EZPZ player introductions

    Dear Questers,

    Some games are best experienced socially. Players give each other the drive to compete and connect. To challenge each other, or to join forces and challenge others.

    EZPZ is no different. We hope you will use this thread and forum to share your in-game names, form guilds, and make friends and rivals alike!

    Happy Questing!

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    Guess ill get the ball rollin! Hello friends! I'm Bamf(CA) - id 38995! So far the games pretty cool. Hopefully the dev teams fast with updates fixes and new content as well as stay on track for a non pay2win game and ruin it like every other game out there now! But so far GJ on this one. Its certainly different and fairly fun!


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      There and Everyone, I am just starting to play.
      S[Easytown] I am so much looking for everyone.
      {that's right**
      IGN: Zosiama
      Class: Hunter
      ID: 43117
      Cya at game
      Heroes Evolved


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        Hey guys, Cervris here. Some people on chat should know who i am, if not, nice to meet you all.

        IGN: Cervris
        Guild: FENRIR (Leader)

        feel free to add me ingame.


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          Hey everyone. This game seems pretty fun so far. Let's hope burnout doesn't happen.

          sounion in game
          see ya around


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            Hey there,
            Fairly new to EZPZ....2nd week. Having fun at playing and meeting new ppl.
            Feel free to add me Moguls45 id1293 Hunter.


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              Hi there.. my friend have apple cellphone.. and theres no EZPZ application.. how can play it in apple cellphone?


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                Hi. I am 22 yo dude playing mobile rpgs for a very long time. Even longer than PC ones. Chosen female character because of this lovely graphic ;3

                Nick: Huntress
                ID: 67960
                Class: Hunter (seems obvious, but I better mention it too :P)


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                  Hit me up. I've played for two days now and looking forward to finding people to enhance the experience.


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                    Name: Nytwynd
                    Occupation: Hunter
                    ID: 47859
                    Server: Idlelands
                    VIP: 8

                    As you can see, I'm a daily player. Nice game you guys have. I'm very impressed.

                    And hello to everyone!


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                      Searching for Guildmembers

                      Hello Everyone 😉

                      Ingamenick: TuRn
                      Guild:GerPow (Leader)
                      Guild ID:1441

                      Hey had juz open a Guild and was searching for new Members to share Guild Exp and growing faster together!
                      So juz searching for my GuildID and join me
                      Everyone welcome!!
                      So hope to see ya ingame!! Stay tuned and enjoy gaming!!

                      Last edited by -TuRn-; 03-01-2015, 07:42 PM.


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                        Smirk here, not so new a player...just a new server. ntm everyone!
                        EZPZ RPG
                        IGN: •﹏• ID 72449
                        Class: Mage
                        Server: Easy Town


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                          Hey my sn on R2 is Azukikun. I play in the autorama server. Hit me up
                          Soriah:Autorama: Guild ID 1599


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                            Heya everyone, I know my introduction is a little late but better now than never.

                            I'm Ben and I go by the nickname Brutakuz. I'm a Mage on the Mt. Lazy server and leader of the guild WRAITH. I play entirely too much but EZPZ RPG is surprisingly addictive and fun. I try to be helpful to not only guildies, but anyone who asks questions in world chat. Hope you enjoy the game as much as I do and maybe we can dance in the arena together.
                            [ EZPZ RPG ] Name: Brutakuz / Guild: Blank / Class: Mage / SERVER: Mt. Lazy*, Idlelands, Peasyville
                            If you think my post (or anyone else's) has helped you or was informative, please click the
                            Reputation Icon (the star under my avatar) and show some love! LOL! Thanks in advance. :D


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                              Hello, ImaPK and I play on Mt Lazy. I'm the guild leader of Wicked. id 1162 and currently ranked top mage & fighter in the arena. So far this has been a fun game, but I, along with everyone else thinks that there needs to be MORE gm & dev communication as far as questions, news, and updates on the game go. We see that R2_Apple has at least posted a thread in this forum, so why hardly any communication? Just my opinion on the matters.
                              ImaPK: Mage
                              Leader of Wicked guild. ID1162
                              Mt Lazy