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    wazzzup people im playing Ezpz for long time but only now i joined to the forum,.....i sold my house, wife and kids for gem,i live with my dog in the garage of my mom, but im vip 12 and im cooolll yeeeeeeee
    IGN: Xray (mage)
    LV: 83
    Guild: WRAITH
    IGN: Death
    Guild: Death (leader)

    ........gem addicted........
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      Hi all. I'm now playing EZPZ for a little time.

      Warrior 83
      TSTL Leader
      Guild Rank 9
      GvG Top 4
      on Languild Forest.

      If you need an active guild, I recruit 2 or 3 members. Needed active and powered !

      Trigg - Warrior
      TSTL Leader, id 33.
      Guild Rank 9 - GvG Top 4
      on Languild Forest.

      I recruit, pm me.


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        Nickname : Notdead
        Servers : Peasyville ( Notdead - 86 Warrior ) , Catnap Fields ( Notdead - 65 Hunter ) , and many other toons on almost every servs ...

        I've been playing since January , so near the begining of the game in Europe , and i'm really enjoying it.

        I'm a huge RPG player , i'm also playing World Of Warcraft , Many MOBAs , Unison league and Heroes & Warlords on mobile.

        See ya in-game !



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          hey guys and gals, My name's Aaron, 24, from the Philippines. i love playing PC games but this kind of idle game caught my attention.

          IGN: Ekklesia
          ID: 41282
          Class: Warrior
          Server: Dormant Dome
          VIP: 0

          i'm kinda scrub at this game, if anyone wants to help me out please do add me here or for some more Jolly Cooperation: add me at steam: -Ark_Ekklesia-



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            IGN: Onkila
            Server: Snoozetown
            Class: Warrior
            Guild: Kings

            That's my main account where I'm currently Templar

            I have a secondary account

            IGN: Arrow
            Server: Dormant Dome
            Class: Hunter
            Guild: GryHvn

            This is the first, last and only game of this type I've ever played.
            And for an 'idle' game, I seem to spend a lot of time here!

            See you in battle
            **Snoozetown*Onkila*Berserker** **Dormant Dome*Arrow*Ranger**


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              Name: Hopeful
              Class: Warrior
              ID: 45994
              Server: Sleepyhead Inlet
              VIP: 6

              Guild name: ECMU
              Guild ID: 794

              Have a few friends that I've gotten to start playing as well, most of us are on PST, would be great to have some more join us.


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                Name: pilcho
                Class: Mage
                ID: 23774
                Server: Catnap Fields
                VIP: 5
                Guild Name: Чрево
                Guild ID: 10


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                  Hi all - a few of us have been playing on Speedy Hollow for a while. We're trying to grow our guild (1042: Maegus). Several very active (multiple times a day) players and guild boss fights every time we have the boss points available. Join us - have fun - kill bosses.


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                    Name: Sheffi
                    Class: warrior
                    I.d: 15635
                    server: elysium
                    Level: vip6

                    guild: kingS