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    Mostly placeholder information at the moment, but I'm starting this thread for player suggestions and discussion. Criticism of the developers and outright demands do not belong here, take them to another thread (or even better, stop spending money if you feel you have a disagreement strong enough to merit nonconstructive feedback).

    This primary post will contain general information about the thread as well as information on pending player suggestions that I feel have been tuned to be worth presenting to the developers.

    I will be fleshing out this thread as I find the time.

    2016-03-11 21:00 EST:
    1.) Add a button to return from Elementals Pouch back to the main Elementals window.
    2.) On the Elementals "Select" interface, display Aptitudes in addition to actual value, i.e. "Ice DMG +155 (Apt.106)"
    3.) "Use 10[/All]" button for Haste scrolls.
    4.) Change "Grade" on gear to simply display the total of STR/AGI/INT/VIT (excluding Gems). There isn't much reason to compare gear "score" between different equipment slots, so the number of stat points is all that really matters to a player (Grade as-is can remain as a hidden value if it's somehow important to the game's functionality, but players don't otherwise need to know this value regardless).
    5.) Separate Bosses/Trials/Arenas from normal map fight timers. Minor intermittent connection issues can occasionally cause huge problems with trying to begin a battle, and these fights don't actually seem to affect the map battles themselves, so why link them to the map timers at all?

    2016-03-25 06:00 EDT:
    6.) Remove Valcu from gear for gold (Extract button?) - would expect this to cost gold equal to anywhere from 50-150% of the sum total cost initially paid to enhance

    7.) We need something to do with excessive Chisels!
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    Placeholder: This post will contain information about pending player suggestions that still require feedback and polishing.

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      Placeholder: This post will contain information about player suggestions that have either been implemented (partially or fully) by the developers or denied as outside of the scope of the developers' vision for the game.

      Verified 2016-03-11: Voyage phase requirements have been reduced; however, they are still not tied to active player count, and this has somewhat reduced the ability for players on newer servers to get early phase rewards while only marginally assisting players on older servers.
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        Do bug fixes count as suggestions? Please fix stealth.


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          As a more serious suggestion: I think everyone knows that everyone wants auto smelting. Additionally, the process of transferring relics to common tier items to gain a legendary tier item for smelting instead is trivial, but incredibly tedious.

          To that end, I suggest having absorbed relics also count as having been smelted.


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            The fact that the ordering of elementals for by the disenchanting window differs from the ordering used by filling the upgrade bar is also fairly annoying. However, this is mostly because we typically would always rather disenchant the randomly super low level elementals than anything else. They're often selected to be consumed for levels before disenchanting. It's a needless hasstle.

            I suggest either making those auto population orderings consistent or simply removing the (completely unexplained anyway) random low level elementals.


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              Make the default view on elementals the "more" view -- that's all we care about usually anyway. The actual numbers are just a factor of time and require very few samples to grasp relative importance of leveling vs searching etc.


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                The bosses on the plateau were disappointing. I killed the last one while 17 levels beneath him, and was ceremoniously rewarded with yet more useless gear over _fifty_ levels below the boss and sometimes a class elemental that might be for my class, maybe, but even if so, comes way below the level of those from trials.

                I suggest making class elementals for other classes not drop. Additionally, something even trivial like chances at ordinary elementals, cred, relics, gear shards etc would have gone a long away in making it feel less pointless.


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                  Additional, much, much harder MP dungeons would be very welcome. As it stands, I can solo Lucifer and often score higher than when I hire someone (407 ish rating.. If that even really matters..).

                  The rewards don't even need to be particularly enticing. Just some trinkets like some lv1 jewel bags or high score board would be plenty. We just want to challenge something with our friends.


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                    Replace all gear "ratings" with just their total stat bonuses. The only thing rating has ever been used for is an occasionally functional shortcut for that anyway.


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                      Let us use more than one haste scroll at a time, please.


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                        Being able to do something with the vast surplus of lv4-6 jewels and chisels would be pretty nice. I would even make use of a simple "destroy" button. It seems like they should at least be as useful as lv1 jewels, but I'm not asking to risk game balance. I just know there are memory leaks related to selecting jewels to socket when you have a large variety. It can be difficult to scroll to the bottom of the window to select your good ones.


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                          The first x tournament having shards for the tier two class set weapon and then all others having useless amulet shards was a bit of an extreme tease. It has been bad enough from the time so many unobtainable items were paraded around. My suggestion is to change up the x server tournament rewards a bit, and either change those weapon shards into something useful or make a real way to get more.


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                            I've mentioned this before, and the cs rep who handled my ticket even agreed with me, but...

                            Please remove the "found a chest but no key" business.


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                              Please don't make us wait for normal fight timers in order to attempt arena attacks or trial attempts. It can be avoided sometimes by tediously spamming the UI to reselect that action in case of unexpected bad luck, but all too often you're stuck with 40 seconds of waiting because a normal fight triggered too quickly.

                              This would be a lot more bearable if it wasn't for the case that nearly any action taken risks a minor network blib that invariably, while not changing the "about to fight the trial" (or whatever similar thing it says), causes the queued up arena or trial attempt to be cancelled and filled with yet another 40 second wait inducing battle.

                              Another working solution would be to allow the pausing of auto battling (or backgrounding it and not having it interact with any other activity). A pause would be nice for getting a chance to actually look at the combat logs for eg. trial attempts.