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Problems with wings and luckstones.

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  • Problems with wings and luckstones.

    Hi, I have questions regarding the system of wings.
    First of all, it happened several times to me to fail upgrading my wings until the bar was 100% filled.
    I did the maths and for blue wings, the probability is something like 0.0000023%, which is very close to impossible, but it still happened more than once.
    Earlier this week I used luckstones for the first time. I was at 72% success on my purple wings, and I added 28% with luckstones, thinking it would be 100% success.
    It failed, I contacted the support and someone told me it's not 72%+28% but 72%*(1+28%), which is near 92%.
    Very skeptical about the support answer, I tried using luckstones on an other character.
    I was at 80/100 on the luck bar and I added 30% with luckstones, so the two possible results are 110% or 104%. The upgrade failed aswell.

    It would be nice if someone could explain what is going on since the support doesn't seem to know how the game works.

    Are the luckstones (which are quite hard to get) and the luck bar purely cosmetic ?

    Thank you in advance.

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    It has been said directly from a developer that the luck bar has nothing to do with your chance of success. Don't think of it as a luck bar and more of a progress bar. In all reality, it should be called an unluck bar as it only shows you how many times you have failed. It's sole purpose is to make you you don't spend more than the maximum required attempts to succeed; as at 100% progress it's guaranteed to succeed. Leveling jewels works the same way.

    The developer wouldn't give us the base chance for success, but he used 5% as an example. So for your first example, you added 28% with your luckstones, that makes your chance of success 5+28 or 33%. You only had a 1 in 3 chance for that attempt to be successful.

    In your second example, you added 30% with your luckstones. That makes it 5+30 or 35%. Still just slightly better than 1 out of 3 chance for success.


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      Thank you for the answer, I did not know it worked that way as it is not explained in the game, and the support didn't seem to know either regarding the answer I got.

      Anyway, thank you again.