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  • Server mergers are needed

    As a leader for the top 2 guild from s38 -s41 and co leader of top 3 guild from s28-s31, I see a trend of less people playing across the board in ezpz1. We need to merge more servers together to ensure a more competitive spirit for everyone still active and an increased pool of potential members for the active guilds. It's imperative that we do something to keep the game we all love going..if this trend continues then more and more players, many who have spent money, will grow bored and leave the game..there are several very easy things which can turn this around .

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    s41 definitely needs it

    yeah we are having so many of the high end players on s41 leaving the game now because we can barely get past Voyage 1 on a good week. We created a great community but it just sucks with so little active people on the server.

    Need a nice big server merge fast before all the players are gone!!!


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      S40 in dire need of merger with another active server

      Hi, s40, merged with s41, s39 and s38 already is starting to lose active members at an alarming rate, virtuallu all of them high paying players who are getting bored. Theres no competition anymore. We need our servers merged to promote more activity, more conpetitiveness and more people to spend. We love this game, but we need more players.


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        The loss of active players..thriving servers all soon fall victim to this..the solution? Mergers. The problem? The lack of content leaves even the most earnest of players ready to quit. It's a process, no doubt..but we don't want to be forgotten and we don't want the game that we enough to go away. There needs to be a way to pull players back in and remind them of what brought them to this game in the first place, and build upon that...we're here for you, R2, but we need you to be here for us as well.

        I'm also from servers 38-41.
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          Oh hey guys!
          You guys must be 240 ;D

          As another member of this server I'd like to also request a server merge


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            Hi guys we have same problem with s58 , i lost 15 players because we have nothing new so R2 do nothing try to fix something !


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              The server 41 group is still in need of new blood, I see another server group was merged but our server group has been quite quiet for a while now q.q