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Why are you cheating me?

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  • Why are you cheating me?

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    I'm assuming you're referring to the return damage effect of your relics. Correct me if I missed something else you were trying to point out.

    Return damage can't be more than the value of your ally's hp. Your opponent's 10mil attack against your ally returned 353,718 damage, as that was how much HP your ally had.
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        The reflect cap is there for that exact reason. So players with 2 million less power can't cheat their way into first place. As for absorb, I'm not sure where you got the idea about the targets hp, but it simply heals you for % of damage done.

        A lot of people choose not to run an ally when attacking in arena because it can help the defender gain extra hp.

        Another relationship between reflect and absorb is that your absorb happens first before the reflect damage is applied. So if you are at 100% and you hit something with reflect, you heal for nothing and then take the reflect damage.


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          If you spill 4 ounces of water on a table and use a dry sponge to absorb it, you will not have more than 4 ounces of water in the sponge. You cannot absorb what isn't there

          If you punch a glass window you might break it. You also run the risk of cutting yourself seeing as there can glass shards. Hence, attack damage.

          From boss fights I learned, If the boss hits and kills you and the attack damage kills him, he still wins.


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            You will if you're outside and it's raining.