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  • Resourses weren't returned


    I had an lvl 110 t1+5 item (windchaser leggings). I decided to return crafting resources and make boots instead. Though there is no way to recycle such an item, I sell it instead, but no resources were returned. How can I get it back? In-game support button does not work at all.

    Server Dozing Atoll, nickname Найл

    Submitted a ticket via, however no ticket â„– was assigned
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    You don't get crafting materials back when you sell equipment, only when you recycle it. Some equipment isn't eligible for recycling.

    Let me know if you don't see a reply to your ticket, which would be sent to the email you used in your ticket, within a couple of days. In the past, they sometimes sent at least some of the crafting materials one time to players who didn't know better. It's a new support team, so I'm not sure if they still do that, but I would be happy to intervene on that if needed.
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