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The game is rollbacking

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  • The game is rollbacking

    Hello Iam very dissappointed. I logged on and used all my gems on haste 2000+ and now its ******* rollbacking everytime i log out and in i get the same ******* level equipment all the ******* time What the **** is this ? Im a big donor to this game and now i lost all the gems and equips and also the team up dungeon Pet gift etc. all people on server 5 has the same problem
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    Also have problems, dont come payed gems, rollback at 09/05/2018 - 14/05/2018 every day, more lost time and nervous, Server EST ???-????


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      Looks like I forgot to actually send the reply I typed before..

      R2120865605, can you provide your server again, please? Whatever those characters were, they aren't compatible with the forum.

      Is it happening every single time you log out? As in, could you do some of these things, take a screenshot, then log back in and take a screenshot of your progress having been reverted? Have you sent in a support ticket about it?
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